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This is a java library (API) for the YubiHSM,
- RXTX, a native library providing serial and parallel communication for the Java Development Toolkit (JDK),
How to build
$ mvn package
to skip tests (tests require a YubiHSM configured in 'debug' mode):
$ mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true package
Build the javadoc to get the API documentation.
$ mvn javadoc:javadoc
Code example
float timeout = 0.5; // HSM read timeout in seconds (How long to wait for the response from the current command)
int keyHandle = 12337; // The key to use in the YubiHSM (0x3031)
String mySecret = "qwerty";
// Instance of YubiHSM
YubiHSM hsm = new YubiHSM("/dev/ttyACM0", timeout);
// Generate HmacSHA1 for mySecret
String sha1 = hsm.generateHMACSHA1(mySecret, keyHandle, true, false).get("hash");
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