Slam was my student project that wasn't finished in time. I'm putting it here for all to see.
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Slam was my student project that wasn't finished in time. I'm putting it here for all to see.

How to play

There is a folder included in the root called "Gameplay". This has the server and the client programs ready to run. First, you must run the server somewhere on your LAN by clicking "run server.bat", then run the game by clicking "run slam.bat". The batch files will handle error messages.

Type "refresh" to find the servers. The first person to join a server must type "host [ip]" while all subsequent players type "join [ip]". When you are ready to begin, the host must type "begin".

Move around using the WASD controls and the mouse.


This project is built using my Codebase. There are four projects here: Slam, Prototype, Server and Map Editor.

Slam is the main game, which is currently incomplete.

Prototype is an early version of slam, which is deprecated, so it won't build.

Server is the LAN relay server.

Map Editor will probably form the basis of my Lua map editor.


Copyright (c) Kayne Ruse 2012

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