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Getting started

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So you want to stream your 3DS' screens to your PC. However, you don't have a clue where to start! What now?

Well, this wiki page is here to help! Creating a working streaming setup is easier than you might think, it'll be up and running in no time - I promise!

Before we start however, you should choose which homebrew streaming app you want to use: NTR or HzMod. Each have their own pros and cons but you'll be able to switch from one another in no time if you wish (in that case, you'll just have to follow the appropriate guide!)

Here are the pros and cons of each:



  • Best performance
  • Popular, there are a lot of guides floating around in case something goes wrong
  • Can stream both screens at the same time (older versions of HzMod can do that too but Snickerstream only supports the latest one right now, which can only stream the top screen)
  • Supports NFC patching (some games force Wi-Fi to be off, in these cases you need to send a patch in order to stream them)


  • Can only stream on New 2/3DS systems
  • It's a bit hacky and it can crash or not work at all sometimes
  • It closes if you soft reset or exit from a game
  • Doesn't normally support streaming multiple 3DSes to the same PC and must be patched to do so
  • You cannot change the stream's quality in real time, you must reset your console if you wish to do so (which can be useful if you get FPS drops while streaming)
  • It works, but development has seemingly stopped some time ago



  • Best compatibility
  • It works on both New and Old 2/3DS consoles
  • It's much cleaner and less prone to crashing
  • Supports streaming multiple 3DSes to the same PC out of the box
  • Doesn't close when soft resetting or closing a game
  • You can change the stream's quality in real time


  • Worse performance than NTR, but it's still acceptable
  • The current version (the only one supported by Snickerstream right now, but that will change with the next updates) only streams the top screen
  • Some games stream their frames using TARGA, which Snickerstream currently does not support (again, this is a problem with Snickerstream that will be addressed soon)
  • Some games can experience slowdowns (you can tweak your settings to fix this, however)
  • Performance on old 3DS consoles is rather bad
  • Doesn’t support NFC patching due to a bug (you can get around this on a New 2/3DS, but there’s currently no way around it on old 3DS consoles)

NTR is the default streaming app for Snickerstream but depending on your necessities you might find HzMod more useful and appropriate.

Have you decided which one to use yet? If so, follow one of the links below!

Streaming with NTR

Streaming with HzMod

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