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Click Dummy Sketch Plugin

Exports a simple HTML click dummy so you can easily prototype flows between your screens.

Sketch Click Dummy


  1. Download the files in this repository.
  2. Open the .sketchplugin file.

How to use

  • To create a link placeholder, draw a rectangle and rename it to linkto:ArtboardName.
  • Rename the rectangle to linkto:$BACK if you want to create a back link.
  • From the Plugins Menu, choose Show or Hide Link Layers (^⇧⌘H) to toggle visibility of the link placeholder layers.
  • Use Export Click Dummy (^⇧⌘E) to export the HTML click dummy.
  • Have a look at the Sketch file Example.sketch to get started.

Known issues

  • Sketch crashes when there are too many objects on the page. Splitting the document into pages or multiple documents is currently the only workaround we know of.


Frank Rausch, Raureif GmbH

Uses the Sketch Sandbox library by Ale Muñoz.


MIT License