PowerShell - Disable inactive AD users in a domain or an OU that have not logged on within X days
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Disable all Active Directory users in a domain or a specified OU that have not logged on and were not created within X days and save the list to a csv file


  1. Clone this script from github or copy the files manually to your prefered directory.

  2. Edit the ps1 file and replace the following values:

Log folder
  • $LogFolder = "C:\Disable-Inactive-AD-Users"
Search base - Domain or Organizational Unit to search - use Distinguished Name (DN)
  • $OU = "OU=MyUsers,DC=domain,DC=com"
Period of time (in days) a user has been inactive

$UnusedDays = 365

by [RaveMaker][RaveMaker]. [RaveMaker]: http://ravemaker.net