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 Screenshot of go3d/go-ngine/_examples/ng-sample-04-PyrsCubes

Getting going:

First, go get --- this may not compile at first, until you have the dev libs installed properly on your operating system.

This go-gl/glfw package needs to be fully installed in your $GOPATH/pkg before you can proceed!

Once it is, go get should download and build everything including dependencies. This may well take a couple of minutes!

There shouldn't be any compilation errors if the above-mentioned go-gl/glfw package is fully installed.

Now you should be able to go run pretty much any main.go packages underneath go3d/go-ngine/_examples -- note the programs need write access to the go3d/go-ngine/_examples/-app-data/_tmp directory!


An in-development OpenGL-based "3D rendering engine" written in Go, focusing on interactive real-time apps such as games or demos.

Early work-in-progress, "progressing" at a rather leisurely pace too. Performance is a high priority, slowing development considerably. Not really ready for any "production" use-cases just yet...

Current state:

  • parallel: while rendering the current frame N+0, concurrently (on multi-core) prepares rendering for the next frame N+1 and executes app logic for next-next frame N+2.
  • renders a scene of textured primitive meshes such as cubes, pyramids, planes, quads, with multiple cameras and render-to-texture pipeline
  • a single mesh can be reused by multiple "models" (differently textured), which can be reused by multiple "nodes" (essentially a potentially recursive hierarchy of transformations applied to a model in world space).
  • cubemapped sky-mesh. Any mesh works in theory (try a sphere if you want a dome), tested so far cube and pyramid (which surprisingly looks just-as-good with a LOT less geometry...)
  • Permutated fx-shaders / uber-shader system (fairly simple-minded for now)
  • post-processing effects -- but only a few very simple ones implemented yet (gamma, grayscale...)
  • per-face materials/effects
  • multi-texturing (specifically, multiple fx of the same type in an effect)
  • texture disk cache. Feed the go:ngine normal un-processed texture images -- it fetches instead from a temp dir (or creates in there only if missing) a file containing its equivalent, but readily pre-processed & re-aligned pixel data.
  • new: batched rendering
  • new: frustum culling


  • import/load actual 3D model assets (instead of the current pre-fab cubes, pyramids etc.)
  • more cullings
  • basic lighting models (per-vertex, per-pixel, deferred...)
  • HDR (16-bit) pipeline, tone-mapping... but gonna need decent lighting (and shadows) first, obviously!

... you name it.


A Go-native, modern-OpenGL real-time 3D rendering engine.






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