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Bug Bounty Restricted Assets (Nov 19th, 2019)

We are starting a bug bounty program for the new features currently on the Ravencoin testnet. Find the testnet v3.2.1 build in the Testnet7 folder here:

(commit hash: d465edb3d3aeb20f5192dbd42c3ab91acdfee4ce)

If you are building your own code, you must be using code from the Head of the develop branch

We have setup a Donation Address: RXt4BGZvtvp63gGrN3ddY6BkUiMdJVSGUd

All RVN donated to this address will be used for the bug bounty program. If funds are donated to the address the bug bounty program will continue to run until all donated funds are paid out.

Bug Bounty Rules

  1. Only consensus breaking bugs are valid for payouts.
  2. You must use the Ravencoin build v3.2.1 or later
  3. You must be using the testnet network
  4. If multiple bugs are submitted that correlate to the same cause in the code, only the first bug submission will be paid.
  5. All bugs must be reproducible by the developers
  6. If you are submitting a bug that can impact mainnet, you must send it to the developers encrypted with PGP.
  7. All bugs must have a list of steps taken or code changed to allow the bug onto the network.
  8. Each bug submission must include a Ravencoin address to be used for payment
  9. Payment will be made as soon as the bug is verified and a fix has been deployed.
  10. The bug bounty starts on November 19th, 2019
  11. The bug bounty ends on December 19th, 2019

We are starting with the amount of 322,000 RVN (donated by Medici Ventures). Each consensus bug will be paid out 30,000 RVN. An additional 15,000 RVN will be given if the fix is include with the bug submission

The bug bounty payouts will be paid out in order of there submissions until funds are gone or the bug bounty program ends

If during the bug bounty, the remaining funds are less than 30,000 and a valid bug is submitted. The remaining funds will be paid instead of the 30,000.

For bugs that may impact mainnet, please either encrypt the issue with Tron's PGP Public Key, or Spyder46n2 PGP Public Key, optionally you can direct message @Tron#2687 or @SpyderDev#3396 on the Ravencoin Community Discord.

Ravencoin 3.2.1 bug bounty


Reporter Issue ID Address TXID Status
Traysi TDB TDB TDB not paid
Traysi TDB TDB TDB not paid
Under TDB TDB TDB not paid
Under TDB TDB TDB not paid

Ravencoin 2.1.1 bug bounty payouts


Reporter Issue ID Address TXID Status
Hans-Schmidt 362 RMvTns1DuCTtEAhawNn8EYHBL9ANFPBxgr 8f59fa... paid
Hans-Schmidt 390 RMvTns1DuCTtEAhawNn8EYHBL9ANFPBxgr e1ab19... paid
Scotty0448 281 RPvLEAr9i1aoGy7VpmqLiBXD9f8Pb785Wr 28c733... paid
Scotty0448 400 RDqDE5FzfVMqVutkhXFkwBqjRi1KfBkezt 0435d7... paid
traysi 455 RTraysiSLhXq6QSWHwHMh4E4BEpqEJLbce 1e41ef... paid
Raptoreum Exploit RH1LcupdCrurvB18zZBbDFTqH411Qvmgt6 a1d2c3... paid