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import numpy as np
from itertools import combinations
from scipy.special import logsumexp
from scipy.stats import multivariate_normal as gaussian
def extract_logpdfs_array(posterior_predictive_params):
means = []
cov_diags = []
labels = []
for k, k_dict in posterior_predictive_params.items():
all_logpdfs = []
for mean, cov_diag in zip(means, cov_diags): # For each category.
category_logpdfs = []
for mu, var in zip(mean, cov_diag): # For each dimension.
dimension_logpdf = gaussian(mu, var).logpdf
return all_logpdfs, labels
def extract_logpps_array(u_model, model, teaching_sets):
pp_params = model.posterior_predictive_params
logpdfs_array, labels = extract_logpdfs_array(pp_params)
all_logpps = []
for logpdfs_row in logpdfs_array:
assert len(logpdfs_row) == u_model.shape[0]
logpps_row = []
for logpdf, u_dim in zip(logpdfs_row, u_model):
all_logpps = np.asarray(all_logpps)[:, teaching_sets]
return np.sum(all_logpps, axis=-1), labels
def normalize_logpps_array(logpps_array):
""" Normalize probabilities for each dimension across categories. """
assert len(logpps_array.shape) == 2
norms = logsumexp(logpps_array, axis=-2)
return logpps_array - norms
def label_to_idx(label, all_labels):
return all_labels.index(label)
def to_image_space(u_model_vector, teaching_set, model):
A = model.A
m = model.m
relevant_U_dims = model.relevant_U_dims
u_vector = np.zeros(m.shape)
u_vector[relevant_U_dims] = u_model_vector
x_vector = np.matmul(A, u_vector)
x_vector[teaching_set] + m[teaching_set]
d_vector = model.transform(x_vector, from_space='X', to_space='D')
d_vector = np.squeeze(d_vector)
return d_vector
class PredictionTeacher:
def __init__(self, u_model, target_model):
assert len(u_model.shape) == 1
self.datum = u_model
self.model = target_model
def gen_teaching_sets(self, set_size):
n_dims = self.datum.shape[0]
idxs = np.arange(n_dims)
assert 0 < set_size <= n_dims
sets = combinations(idxs, set_size)
return np.asarray([teaching_set for teaching_set in sets])
def calc_logp_prior(self, k, teaching_sets, prior='uniform'):
if prior == 'uniform':
return 0
raise NotImplementedError
def calc_logp_likelihood(self, k, teaching_sets):
args = (self.datum, self.model, teaching_sets)
logpps_array, categories = extract_logpps_array(*args)
logpps_array = normalize_logpps_array(logpps_array)
idx = label_to_idx(k, categories)
return logpps_array[idx]
def calc_logp_marginal_likelihood(self, logps_likelihood_times_prior):
return logsumexp(logps_likelihood_times_prior, axis=-1)
def build_filter(self, teaching_set):
u_model_vector = np.zeros(self.datum.shape)
u_model_vector[teaching_set] = self.datum[teaching_set]
return to_image_space(u_model_vector, teaching_set, self.model)
def apply_filter(self, datum, datum_filter):
""" Convolves the image/datum and normalizes it. """
assert datum.shape == datum_filter.shape
highlighted_datum = datum * datum_filter
return highlighted_datum / np.max(highlighted_datum)