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Rawkode Academy Hackdays: Community

  • When: January 2023
  • Topic: Community

    Everything you can imagine helping or any other community is perfect :)

  • How to submit a project?
    • Create an issue with the prefix Submission: and describe your project and link your repository
      • Create a Github repository with the topic P3X-972
      • The license should be OSI approved
  • How to join an existing project?
  • A weekly "All hands" will be held to ask questions and gather input
  • What to submit at the end?
    • A repository with a description (e.g. of how to run the piece of software
    • (Optional) a 5 minute demo video
  • The results will be presented in any form you want:
    • Video on YouTube / Twitch
    • Blog post
    • README file inside the repository
  • There are prizes to win
    • There will be categories

      will be chosen after having an overview over the ideas

    • The community votes for winners in the different categories
    • Prizes are yet to be announced
  • Some more information:
    • It would be cool to choose people with whom you didn't work before
    • Choose a technology or language which you're not an expert in
    • Comtrya for reading that far! See you in January :)

I don't know where to start? Please help me find an idea

No worries, join the Rawkode Academy Discord and ask for help in our #hackdays channel.


Find all submissions here :)


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