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Raxa JSS Hospital Screener using Sencha Touch 2.0.1 MVC

This application is a client-side hospital screening system that manages patients and doctors. The user is able to add more patients, attach them to a certain doctor, and remove them back into the patient pool.

Models: Doctor: stores doctor information, currently linked to Patient using the hasMany association Patient: stores patient information

Views: Main: main view implements a navigationview to navigate between screens TopMenu: main button menu that includes patient view, doctor view, new patient popup PatientView: lists the currently unassigned patients, allows us to assign patient -> doctor DoctorView: lists the current doctors and current patients for each doctor NewPatient: popup view that allows us to enter in new patient information (NOTE: does not sanitize inputs) Sort: popup view that allows us to pick how we want to sort the patients

Controller: Application: controls all the buttons, lists, etc

Stores: Patients: uses patients.json, stores to local cache (NOTE: no writer defined yet, changes will not persist) Doctors: uses doctors.json, stores to local cache (NOTE: no writer defined yet, changes will not persist)

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