A generic docker image to launch and monitor pythons scripts through Monit.
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Launch and monitor a python script with Monit on Docker

You need to have priorly installed and configured Docker.

Clone the repository, and add your python script(s) in the scripts/ folder.
By default, Monit will look for a main.py file, but you can change it in the script_wrapper.
If you need pip dependencies, put them in the requirements.txt file.

In the Dockerfile, replace the SCRIPT_NAME environment variable with the script name you want to see in Monit.

Then build the image :
docker build -t me/my_monitored_python_script .

And run it :
docker run -it -p 2812:2812 me/my_monitored_python_script

Monit will launch the main.py and monitor it with the name set in the Dockerfile.

To access it, go to localhost:2812 on your web browser.
The script may take a few moments to appear as running in Monit, but it still starts immediately.

If you wish to manage several scripts, you will need to create a script wrapper for every script, and add a "check process" order for them in the conf.d/ folder.