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Rayman Control Panel

Rayman Control Panel Rayman Control Panel is an open source community project created by RayCarrot. The purpose of this program is to unify existing game patches and fixes, as well as allowing extended configuration, for all PC Rayman games. This program does not come with any games and requires the user to have them installed. For certain games it is possible installing them through the program using a game disc.

Note: This repository is only for the WPF version (4.0.0 and above). The WinForms version (1.0.0 - 3.2.2) repository has since been made private as it's no longer being maintained and is heavily outdated.


Main features:

  • Launcher for the PC Rayman games
  • Extended game configuration support
  • Game utilities, such as allowing per-level soundtrack in Rayman 1
  • Save data viewing and editing along with backup/restore options
  • Disc installers to install select games from discs
  • General utilities, such as the Archive Explorer to modify archive files for texture mods
  • Mods, such as restoring prototype features in Rayman Raving Rabbids
  • Managing game patches, acting as a mod loader

Archive Explorer

Archive Explorer

The Archive Explorer is a tool within the Rayman Control Panel which allows supported game archive files to be viewed and edited. This allows textures to be replaced in games.

Supported archive file types:

  • Rayman 1 .dat files
  • OpenSpace .cnt files
  • UbiArt .ipk files


Game Config

Each supported game has a configuration page where its settings can be changed. This allows for more options than the native configuration tools each game has, such as being able to run Rayman Raving Rabbids in windowed mode and change the language for Rayman 1.



Different mods are available throughout the app, such as restoring prototype features in Rayman Raving Rabbids.



The game patcher tool acts as a mod loader allowing patches with file modifications to be applied to an installed game. These are distributed as .gp files and can be manually added, downloaded through the program or downloaded from GameBanana.



Utilities allows for more advanced modifications to the games, usually aimed at fixing a certain issue or allowing additional features. In Rayman Origins and Legends it can be used to enable the debug commands.



Detailed game progression can be viewed for most supported games along with options to edit the data as serialized JSON and create/restore backups.


The Rayman Control Panel uses these main dependencies:

BinarySerializer (sub-modules)




From version 4.1.0 the Rayman Control Panel supports localized strings. For more information and information on how to contribute with translations, check out the Steam discussion page: Rayman Control Panel - Localization


You can contact me on the following places:


MIT License (MIT)