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Reading List

Inspired by "Apprenticeship Patterns" by Dave Hoover and Ade Oshineye

Priority Queue

Titles will shift up & down within this queue according to priority. I'm reading some of these for the first time, while other titles are so critical that I feel the need to re-read them.

Target Date Title Author(s)
15Aug2011 The Rails 3 Way Fernandez
31Aug2011 Rails Test Prescriptions Rappin
15Sep2011 The RSpec Book Chelimsky
  Business Model Generation Osterwalder & Pigneur
  AWDWR3 Ruby, Thomas, Hansson
  Crossing the Chasm Moore
  The Gifted Boss Dauten
  Database Design for Mere Mortals Hernandez


Date Completed Title Author(s) Comments
04Jan2011 Apprenticeship Patterns Hoover & Oshineye ChicagoRuby Book Review
16Jan2011 Start With Why Simon Sinek Engaging & inspirational. The Golden Circle will influence my business planning and the way I communicate with colleagues & clients.
02May2011 The Four Steps to the Epiphany Steve Blank Very useful. Turned this into a presentation for Ignite Chicago.
13May2011 HTML5 for Web Designers Jeremy Keith Brief & useful for developers too. I want to understand obstacles faced by designers, not become one! "Paving the cowpaths" is a geat idea.
20Jul2011 Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial Hartl Very effective overview of Rails 3 with solid examples. Intros TDD & Git as well. Wrote a book review for ChicagoRuby.
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