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Node Pong!

With the Blender Game engine probably being phased out in the not too distant future, an alternative game making experience is needed in Blender. Once again (but really for the first time), I come to the rescue and present an unoriginal, yet mind-altering game of agility, wits and literally unending fun, all based in Blender's Node Editor...

...Node Pong:

Node pong demo

How to run the game:

  1. Go to File> New to start from a fresh file (or your compositing nodes will be deleted when the game runs).
  2. Change whatever the main part of the screen is (e.g. the 3D view if you're using the default layout) to a Text Editor.
  3. Paste in the code from the '' file.
  4. Press Run Script and witness the future of Blender game development.

Possible issues:

  • The Text Editor will turn into the game area so make sure the Text Editor you're starting the game in is a 'reasonable' size. Too small, too large, too wide or too tall and the game may be unplayable (16:9 aspect ratio for the Text Editor works best).

  • I haven't tested this on anything other than Blender's default DPI (72). Whether the game works at other DPIs, I don't know.

  • I don't know if different processors will run the game at different speeds.

  • If you in some way become addicted to what future generations will describe as 'The Game' then I am not responsible for any loss you incur as a result of no longer being a functional human being.


Let's play a classic game of Node Pong in Blender 3D




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