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Fast and memory-compact (especially on primitive types) scala HashMap and HashSet

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Strong points:
 * All data is stored in 2-3 arrays, no HashEntry objects => less memory, more GC friendly
 * No dynamic memory allocation when adding a new key/value mapping (only during resize)
 * Iteration over elements is a sequental array read => faster
 * Adding a new key/value is a sequental array write => faster
 * (Scala only) Preserves iteration order:
   if no keys were removed it's the same order they were inserted
   Java version also breaks iteration order during defragmentation
 * HashCode bits are stored in index array => less random reads when looking for missing key
 * (Scala only) Primitive types are stored in primitive arrays => saves a lot of memory

Weak points:
 * entrySet().iterator() each time creates a new Entry object, which can be slow
   but in many cases this is helped with Server VM and -XX:+DoEscapeAnalysis
 * iterators remove() method is slower than java.util.HashMap
 * (Scala only) keys and values are stored in different arrays which is slower
 * (Scala only) key remove operation is not optimized

Some discussion:

Scala version will be rewritten with type specialization after it's released (version 2.8?)

If performance is more important than memory footprint you can modify:

  final val DEFAULT_LOAD_FACTOR = .75f

at the very end of CompactHashSet.scala file.

Some microbenchmark results:

1.5 million new Objects, 32bit JVM:

fastWrite            - 0.766s; Mem:  62.44 Mb
fastReadFull         - 0.906s; Mem:  62.44 Mb
fastReadEmpty        - 0.312s; Mem:  36.44 Mb
compactWrite         - 0.843s; Mem:  64.43 Mb
compactReadFull      - 1.000s; Mem:  64.43 Mb
compactReadEmpty     - 0.312s; Mem:  36.43 Mb
javaWrite            - 1.250s; Mem:  80.55 Mb
javaReadFull         - 0.922s; Mem:  80.55 Mb
javaReadEmpty        - 0.406s; Mem:  36.55 Mb
scalaWrite           - 1.718s; Mem:  86.55 Mb
scalaReadFull        - 1.234s; Mem:  86.59 Mb
scalaReadEmpty       - 0.687s; Mem:  36.59 Mb

1.5 million new Objects, 64bit JVM:

fastWrite            - 0.313s; Mem: 110.94 Mb
fastReadFull         - 0.302s; Mem: 110.94 Mb
fastReadEmpty        - 0.143s; Mem:  72.94 Mb
compactWrite         - 0.320s; Mem: 112.95 Mb
compactReadFull      - 0.315s; Mem: 112.95 Mb
compactReadEmpty     - 0.143s; Mem:  72.95 Mb
javaWrite            - 0.532s; Mem: 161.28 Mb
javaReadFull         - 0.313s; Mem: 161.28 Mb
javaReadEmpty        - 0.257s; Mem:  73.28 Mb
scalaWrite           - 0.786s; Mem: 149.24 Mb
scalaReadFull        - 0.451s; Mem: 149.24 Mb
scalaReadEmpty       - 0.436s; Mem:  73.24 Mb

1.5 million Ints (=i*123), 32bit JVM:

compactWrite         - 0.766s; Mem:  28.50 Mb
compactReadFull      - 0.796s; Mem:  28.50 Mb
compactReadEmpty     - 0.312s; Mem:   0.36 Mb
compactIntWrite      - 0.656s; Mem:  28.41 Mb
compactIntReadFull   - 0.453s; Mem:  28.41 Mb
compactIntReadEmpty  - 0.203s; Mem:   0.34 Mb
fastutilIntWrite     - 1.062s; Mem:  24.72 Mb
fastutilIntReadFull  - 0.422s; Mem:  24.72 Mb
fastutilIntReadEmpty - 0.406s; Mem:   0.34 Mb
troveIntWrite        - 1.453s; Mem:  39.75 Mb
troveIntReadFull     - 0.438s; Mem:  39.75 Mb
troveIntReadEmpty    - 0.407s; Mem:   0.34 Mb
fastWrite            - 1.406s; Mem:  76.94 Mb
fastReadFull         - 0.844s; Mem:  76.94 Mb
fastReadEmpty        - 0.250s; Mem:   0.59 Mb
scalaWrite           - 4.906s; Mem:  96.65 Mb
scalaReadFull        - 1.079s; Mem:  92.65 Mb
scalaReadEmpty       - 0.734s; Mem:   0.66 Mb

fast* is this with default (0.75) load factor
compact* is this CompactHashMap.scala with 0.75 load factor
compactInt* is this CompactHashMap.scala with Int accessors and 0.75 load factor
java* is java.util.HashMap (jdk7b59)
scala* is scala.collection.mutable.HashMap (2.7.4)
fastutilInt* is Int2IntOpenHashMap (5.1.5) with 0.6 load factor,
troveInt* is TIntIntHashMap (2.0.4) with 0.5 load factor,

*Write is adding a new key/value mapping
*ReadFull is reading an existing key/value mapping
*ReadEmpty is looking for a non-existing key
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