R Processing in Racket (Riper)
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What one wants is an extensible language with the capabilities of R at its core and is as comfortable in crunching BIG DATA in a cloud as it is on a laptop.

Why not R?
As great as R is for many things at its core lay systemic design flaws. Really big data defeats it.

Why Racket?
 - It is a very well designed language with considerable conceptual integrity.
 - It has a JIT.
 - It has seamless Functional and OO merging.
 - It has fair/green threads.
 - It has the capability performing many vector based computational tasks in parallel with native threads on multicore systems.
 - It has remote Racket process capability, i.e. a cluster of Racket processes performing cloud distributed processing.
 - It has static and dynamically typing capabilities, along with modules and contracts
 - It has a core Plot library.
 - It has a REPL.
 - It has an IDE.

Frankly there are few other options as a platform out there that come close to the same feature set.

So ... Let it be written, let it be done.