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conscript: Scala at your command

This is a tool for installing and updating Scala software programs. It does less than you think, because the sbt launcher does more than you think. What?


  • Queries a github project for launch configurations
  • Writes these to your local filesystem, with a personalized boot path
  • Creates scripts to execute the launch configurations


  • Reads a given launch configuration
  • Fetches needed dependencies on first run
  • Uses the same ivy cache as sbt itself

So conscript just assumes a convention and helps you adhere to it. Firstly, ~/.conscript/boot is used as a boot directory for all. Program launch configurations are stored according to the github project name and script name, such as:


And finally, program scripts are created in ~/bin that reference launch configurations, e.g. ~/bin/cs


There are two methods of installiation available.

Linux, Mac, Windows

Download the conscript runnable jar. On most OSes you can run it by double-clicking, but if that doesn't work you can also run it from the command line.

java -jar conscript-0.3.0.jar

After that you'll have cs or cs.bat (depending on your OS) in a bin directory under your home directory. It is up to you to get that onto your executable search path, if it is not already.

Linux, Mac

If you prefer, you can install conscript by piping this shell script.

curl | sh


The main thing you do with conscript is install/update and update commands based on templates. Templates are stored in github projects, which you pass into the cs commpand. For example, this installs the giter8 templating system:

cs n8han/giter8

Templates specify a version of the app to use, but you can override that by specifying an explicit version with another slash:

cs n8han/giter8/0.2.1

Project owners may also decide to push pre-release or other alternate templates to different branches on github. Use can tell conscript read templates from another branch with the --branch or -b option.

cs n8han/giter8 --branch staging

And lastly, if at some point your conscript boot directory contains stale/suspect artifacts such as snapshot releases, you can clean it:

cs --clean-boot

When you next run any conscript app (such as cs) it will fetch its cleaned dependencies back into the shared boot directory; generally it only has to look as far as the local ivy cache to find them.


We hope you'll make your own programs that use conscript. The conscript-plugin for sbt makes these easier to build and test, and there's a conscript.g8 template to get you started. (See above for g8 install.)