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#lang typed/racket
(: write-request (Bytes Bytes Bytes Output-Port -> Void))
(define (write-request method server resource output)
(write-bytes method output)
(write-space output)
(write-bytes #"HTTP/1.1" output)
(write-crlf output))
;; Utilities
;; These constants are defined in the spec.
(define SP 32)
(define CR 13)
(define LF 10)
(define-syntax-rule (define-constant-writer (name op) expr ...)
(: name (case-lambda (-> Void) (Output-Port -> Void)))
(define name
[() (name (current-output-port))]
[([op : Output-Port]) expr ...]))))
(define-constant-writer (write-space output)
(write-byte SP output))
(define-constant-writer (write-crlf output)
(write-byte CR output)
(write-byte LF output))
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