Pig UDFS in Java
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Pig UDFS in Java

Follow the following steps for creating a jar file which can be used in your pig scripts:

Creating the jar file:

  • Download the jar libs from the lib directory
  • Copy the source and the jars in a folder called i.e. date_utils
  • Compile the code in date_utils javac -cp hadoop-core-1.0.2.jar:date_utils.jar:jedis-2.1.0.jar:pig-0.9.2.jar:json-lib-2.4-jdk15.jar:commons-lang-2.6.jar:commons-collections-3.2.1.jar:io_utils.jar:UserAgentUtils-1.6.jar *.java
  • Create the jar file by running jar -cf date_utils.jar date_utils/

You can define the function in pig like:

DEFINE ConvertDate date_utils.ConvertDateFormat();

date_utils.ConvertDateFormat() means that there is a directory in the jar file called date_utils which contains the class ConvertDateFormat.