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Fix deprecation #14

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toUniLower was deprecated

@Rayerd Rayerd merged commit 9c74ed0 into from
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Commits on Jan 15, 2012
  1. @shoo

    Fix deprecation.

    shoo authored
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Showing with 4 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +4 −4 win32/dfl/internal/dlib.d
8 win32/dfl/internal/dlib.d
@@ -483,11 +483,11 @@ else // Phobos
private import std.path;
- alias std.path.dirName pathGetDirName;
+ alias std.path.dirName pathGetDirName;
alias std.path.linesep nativeLineSeparatorString;
- alias std.path.buildPath pathJoin;
+ alias std.path.buildPath pathJoin;
alias std.path.pathsep nativePathSeparatorString;
@@ -533,7 +533,7 @@ else // Phobos
alias std.utf.toUTF16 utf8stringtoUtf16string;
- alias std.utf.toUTFz!(typeof(Dwstring.init.ptr), Dstring) utf8stringToUtf16stringz;
+ alias std.utf.toUTFz!(typeof(Dwstring.init.ptr), Dstring) utf8stringToUtf16stringz;
alias std.utf.toUTF8 utf32stringtoUtf8string;
@@ -542,7 +542,7 @@ else // Phobos
private import std.uni;
- alias std.uni.toUniLower utf32charToLower;
+ alias std.uni.toLower utf32charToLower;
private import std.conv;
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