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Kahoot Answer Bot

A bot that takes the name or ID of a kahoot and gets a perfect score with the nickname of your choosing.

This project was started by reteps but is has been broken for quite a while, so I forked it and made it work.


The program intercepts and pretends to be a kahoot client. After receiving quiz name from host, looks up answers for quiz and uses them.

  • Search by quiz name (requires login) or ID
  • 2FA compatible


  • Optional: Make a Kahoot Account if you don't have the Kahoot's ID and want to search for a Kahoot by name

  • Install Python3

    On Windows visit

    • Click latest Python 3 release
    • Scroll down to the bottom to the section titled "Files"
    • Click the Windows Installer (64-bit) link to download the ".exe"
    • In File Explorer right click the file and click "Run as Administrator"
    • Check the boxes "Install launcher for all users (recommended)" and "Install Python 3.X to path"

    On macOS 11+ (Intel) and macOS 11+ (Apple Sillicon) visit ""

    • Click latest Python 3 release
    • Scroll down to the bottom to the section titled "Files"
    • Click the macOS 64-bit universal2 installer link to download the ".pkg"
    • Run the downloaded ".pkg"

    On Debian GNU/Linux 11+ based distros:

    • sudo apt install python3 python3-pip

    On Arch Linux based distros run:

    • sudo pacman -S python python-pip

    On other Linux based distros install python3 (python) and python3-pip (python-pip) from your package manager

  • Download and unzip or clone this repo

  • Install Dependencies

    • python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt


Open a terminal (Command Prompt on Windows) and navigate to the directory (folder) containing kbot. Then use the following command, replacing [options] with any options you want to use (listed below).

python3 kbot [options]
-e, --email
The email used to login to

-a, --password
The corresponding password used to login to

-n, --nick
The nickname to join the Kahoot with

-p, --pin
The game pin

-s --search
Search for a quiz without joining a Kahoot. Cancels nick and pin options.

-q, --quizName
The quiz's name

-i, --quizID
The quiz's ID

-d, --debug
Output go brrrrrrrrrrrrr


Does not work when:

  • Kahoot is private
  • Answers are randomized
  • Questions are randomized

This is because this program uses the original question order and answer order, so if these are randomized the wrong answer will be clicked.


  • Raymo111 - Fixing it, adding 2FA and search by ID
  • reteps - Main programming
  • idiidk - For the challenge decoding