An Excel-based meal planning template that generates a shopping list based on the user-defined database contained within via VBA.
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Excel Weekly Meal Plan Shopping List Creator

Code Review

This is a spreadsheet that contains a template for creating a weekly meal plan. Within the template, you can enter meals and food that you'd like to have on the menu.

Within the other tabs exists the food as you've defined it - your recipe, your ingredients.

When you click the shopping list button, it finds each item on your meal plan and gathers the ingredients, removes the duplicates, and prints a shopping list.

This project grew out of the hassle of planning weekly meals prior to going food shopping. My girlfriend was using the visual template, but filling it out with pencil. I thought it'd be great to have it typed up instead, so I created the template in Excel.

Since we're using excel, I thought I would play around with entering her recipes' ingredients into a database that could be accessed to create a shopping list - speeding up the overall food shopping task.

This could be expanded to include cooking recipes as well as macronutrients and calorie counts for weekly nutrition tracking goals.


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