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@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ everyone.
This library was originally devised in Leiningen because Leiningen had a
few specific needs that `` did not provide.
-Furthermore, the library's author seems to be ignoring some issues with
+Furthermore, the library's author was, at the time, ignoring some issues with
laurentpetit Dec 18, 2012 Contributor

I would not let historical concerns in the main summary, pushing it to some "History of the library" chapter deep down the README or wiki. Indeed I'm not sure people new to the library will be that interest in facts that do not hold anymore.

Raynes Dec 20, 2012 Owner

Agreed and fixed.

the library (having declined a filed issue about it so far) that makes
the library explode when ran across a namespace with a namespace form
that the reader cannot read. We ran into this problem because
@@ -22,6 +22,17 @@ Furthermore, this library has a few useful features like being able to
provide your own classpath as a string and for only looking for
namespaces matching a certain prefix.
+Note that regarding the above, the author of tools.namespace did eventually fix
+the issue. This library is still necessary and maintained because:
+* Leiningen uses it internally
+* There have been some fairly complex classpath contributions that people rely on
+* This is not a contrib project so you can contribute without a CA or a Jira patch parade
+* I don't have a lot of confidence in tools.namespace after the issue reported above was declined to be fixed for several months for no good reason
+New features have been added to tools.namespace recently, and when I get some time I'll see
+about porting them over.
## Usage

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