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1 parent d4defb6 commit d767349c762cf416e962e3227bf56d27fe0da88a @hugoduncan hugoduncan committed Mar 10, 2013
Showing with 15 additions and 12 deletions.
  1. +15 −12 src/bultitude/core.clj
@@ -2,17 +2,20 @@
(:require [ :as io]
[clojure.string :as string]
[dynapath.util :as dp])
- (:import (java.util.jar JarFile)
+ (:import (java.util.jar JarFile JarEntry)
( ZipException)
( File BufferedReader PushbackReader InputStreamReader)
(clojure.lang DynamicClassLoader)))
-(defn- clj? [f]
- ;; Needs to work on JarEntries and Files, the former of which has no .isFile
+(defn- clj? [^File f]
(and (not (.isDirectory f))
(.endsWith (.getName f) ".clj")))
-(defn- jar? [f]
+(defn- clj-jar-entry? [^JarEntry f]
+ (and (not (.isDirectory f))
+ (.endsWith (.getName f) ".clj")))
+(defn- jar? [^File f]
(and (.isFile f) (.endsWith (.getName f) ".jar")))
(defn- read-ns-form
@@ -36,32 +39,32 @@
(defn namespaces-in-dir
"Return a seq of all namespaces found in Clojure source files in dir."
- (for [f (file-seq (io/file dir))
+ (for [^File f (file-seq (io/file dir))
:when (and (clj? f) (.canRead f))
:let [ns-form (ns-form-for-file f)]
:when ns-form]
-(defn- ns-in-jar-entry [jarfile entry]
+(defn- ns-in-jar-entry [^JarFile jarfile ^JarEntry entry]
(with-open [rdr (-> jarfile
(.getInputStream (.getEntry jarfile (.getName entry)))
(read-ns-form rdr)))
-(defn- namespaces-in-jar [jar]
- (try
+(defn- namespaces-in-jar [^File jar]
+ (try
(let [jarfile (JarFile. jar)]
(for [entry (enumeration-seq (.entries jarfile))
- :when (clj? entry)
+ :when (clj-jar-entry? entry)
:let [ns-form (ns-in-jar-entry jarfile entry)]
:when ns-form]
- (catch ZipException e
+ (catch ZipException e
(throw (Exception. (str "jar file corrupt: " jar) e)))))
-(defn- split-classpath [classpath]
+(defn- split-classpath [^String classpath]
(.split classpath (System/getProperty "path.separator")))
(defn loader-classpath
@@ -87,7 +90,7 @@
"Map a classpath file to the namespaces it contains. `prefix` allows for
reducing the namespace search space. For large directories on the classpath,
passing a `prefix` can provide significant efficiency gains."
- [prefix f]
+ [^String prefix ^File f]
(.isDirectory f) (namespaces-in-dir
(if prefix

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