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Implemented an issue and comment formatter, and made the formatter a …

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commit 9ac36f4a46e44de5434e9d13b1315d5595adf912 1 parent 8c28946
@Raynes authored
Showing with 29 additions and 18 deletions.
  1. +29 −18 src/cake_github/core.clj
47 src/cake_github/core.clj
@@ -33,7 +33,9 @@
(defn max-width [m]
(apply max (map #(count (name (first %))) m)))
-(defn format-repo-map [m]
+(defmulti formatter :seq-type)
+(defmethod formatter :repo [{m :seq}]
(or (:owner m) (:username m)) "/"(:name m) (if (:fork m) " \u0470 " " ") "- " (:description m)
@@ -48,45 +50,56 @@
[:pushed_at :created_at]
[:clone_url :ssh_clone_url]])))
-(defn format-user-map [m]
+(defmethod formatter :user [{m :seq}]
(:name m) " - " (:email m)
+ "" (:login m) "\n"
(line-template (max-width m))
(select-keys m [:location :login :company :contributions
:public_repo_count :public_gist_count :blog
- :created_at :following_count]))))
+ :created_at :following_count :gravatar_id]))))
-(defn format-gist-map [m]
+(defmethod formatter :gist [{m :seq}]
- (str "" (:repo m)) " - " (:description m)
+ "" (:repo m) " - " (:description m)
(line-template (max-width m))
(select-keys m [:created_at :public :files :owner]))))
-(defn format-generic-map [m]
+(defmethod formatter :generic [{m :seq}]
(format-keys (line-template (max-width m)) m))
-(defn format-sequence [s]
+(defmethod formatter :sequence [{s :seq}]
(apply str (apply concat (interpose ["\n"] (partition-all 10 (interpose ", " s))))))
+(defmethod formatter :issue [{m :seq}]
+ (str
+ (:title m) " - #" (:number m)
+ line
+ (and (:body m) (str (:body m) "\n\n"))
+ (order-format
+ (line-template (max-width (dissoc m :number :title)))
+ m [[:user :labels :position :state :votes :comments]
+ [:created_at :updated_at :closed_at :gravatar_id]])))
+(defmethod formatter :comment [{m :seq}]
+ (str (:user m) " - " (:id m)
+ line
+ (and (:body m) (str (:body m) "\n\n"))
+ (let [m (dissoc m :body :user :id :gravatar_id)]
+ (format-keys (line-template (max-width m)) m))))
(defn format-result-helper [result map-type]
(str "\n"
- (map? result)
- (case
- map-type
- :repo (format-repo-map result)
- :user (format-user-map result)
- :generic (format-generic-map result)
- :gist (format-gist-map result))
+ (map? result) (formatter {:seq result :seq-type map-type})
(string? result) (str result "\n")
(nil? result) "wut"
(not (seq result)) "Nothing interested happened.\n"
- :else (str (format-sequence result) "\n"))))
+ :else (str (formatter {:seq result :seq-type :sequence}) "\n"))))
(defn option-to-int [opt default]
@@ -108,6 +121,4 @@
(format-result-helper (if generate-clone-urls (clone-urls x) x) map-type))))
(defn options [opts & options]
- (some opts options))
+ (some opts options))
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