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A tiny client for the API


(use 'cd-client.core)

Examples work with strings for the ns and name, as well as just a symbol (no quoting needed). The symbol can be of a special form (e.g. let, try, catch), macros (e.g. for, areduce), or functions. Use 'pr-examples' to pretty-print a list of all examples for a method.

(examples "clojure.core" "map")
(examples map)
(pr-examples map) ; pretty-prints the examples
(pr-examples clojure.string/join)

If you like even shorter names for interactive use:

(defmacro ex [sym] `(pr-examples ~sym))
(ex let)

Search for a method using just the name or a namespace and name.

(search "pmap")
(search "clojure.core" "map")

Comments works just like examples do, with strings, a symbol, and pretty-printing.

(comments "" "reader")
(comments read-json)
(pr-comments read-json) ; pretty-prints the comments

See-also works with either strings for ns/name or a symbol.

(see-also "clojure.test" "are")
(see-also map)

Browse to the url for a method in your default browser:

(browse-to "clojure.core" "map")
(browse-to map)

As a dependency:

For Leiningen:

[org.thnetos/cd-client "0.3.2"]


lein deps
lein jar


Copyright (C) 2010 Lee Hinman

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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