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(ns clavatar.core
(:require [clojure.string :as s])
(def ^:private gravatar-base-url "")
(defn- md5sum
"Calculate the MD5 checksum of a string and return the hex-digest string."
[^String s]
(let [digest ^MessageDigest (MessageDigest/getInstance "MD5")]
(.reset digest)
(.marshal (HexBinaryAdapter.)
(.digest digest (.getBytes s "UTF-8"))))))
(defn- genhash
"Generate the hash needed for Gravatar.
The hash is generated by trimming, lowercasing & md5-summing the email."
[^String email]
(-> email .trim .toLowerCase md5sum))
(defn- genparams
"Generate the parameters needed for Gravatar."
[& {size :size default :default rating :rating}]
(format "?s=%s&r=%s&d=%s&" size (name rating) (name default)))
(defn gravatar
"Returns the URL to a gravatar image for an email.
Options are:
size -- size of image
https -- whether or not to use https
rating -- one of :pg, :g, :x,: r which are Parental Guidance,
General Audience, Explicit, and Restricted respectively.
default -- default image if the one choosen doesn't exist. One of
:404 -- a 404 error,
:mm -- cartoon-style silhouetted outline of a person,
:identicon -- geometric pattern based on an email hash,
:monsterid -- generated 'monster' with different colors, faces, etc,
:wavatar -- generated faces with differing features and background,
:retro --generated 8-bit arcade-style pixelated faces"
[email & {:keys [size https rating default]
:or {size 50
https true
rating :pg
default :retro}}]
(let [base-url (str gravatar-base-url
(genhash (or email ""))
(genparams :size size :default default :rating rating))]
(str (if https "https://secure" "http://www") base-url)))