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(:use clojure.test)
(:require [ :as sh]))
(deftest output-test
(sh/let-programs [errecho "test/testfiles/errecho"]
(sh/with-programs [echo]
(testing "By default, output is accumulated into a monolitic string"
(is (= "hi\n" (echo "hi"))))
(testing "Output can be a lazy sequence"
(is (= ["hi" "there"] (echo "hi\nthere" {:seq true}))))
(testing "Can redirect output to a file"
(let [output "hi\nthere\n"
testfile "test/testfiles/foo"]
(echo "hi\nthere" {:out ( testfile)})
(is (= output (slurp testfile)))
(errecho "hi\nthere" {:err ( testfile)})
(is (= output (slurp testfile)))))
(testing "Can redirect output to a callback function"
(let [x (atom [])
ex (atom [])]
(echo "hi\nthere" {:out (fn [line _] (swap! x conj line))})
(is (= ["hi" "there"] @x))
(errecho "hi\nthere" {:err (fn [line _] (swap! ex conj line))})
(is (= ["hi" "there"] @ex)))))))
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