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(require [conch.core :as conch]
[ :as io]
[clojure.string :as string]
[useful.seq :as seq]))
(defprotocol FeedIn
(feed [this]))
(defn char-seq [reader]
(map char (take-while #(not= % -1) (repeatedly #(.read reader)))))
(defn buffer-stream [stream buffer]
(let [reader (io/reader stream)]
(= :none buffer) (char-seq reader)
(number? buffer) (map string/join (partition buffer (char-seq reader)))
:else (line-seq reader))))
(defn callback [f buffer stream proc]
#(doseq [buffer (buffer-stream (stream proc) buffer)]
(f buffer proc)))))
(defn output [proc k options]
(let [seqify (:seq options)]
(if (or (= seqify k)
(= seqify :out k)
(and (true? seqify) (= k :out)))
(buffer-stream (k proc) (:buffer options))
(conch/stream-to-string proc k))))
(defn add-proc-args [args options]
(if (seq options)
(apply concat args
(select-keys options
(defn run-command [name args options]
(let [proc (apply conch/proc name (add-proc-args args options))
{:keys [buffer out in err timeout verbose]} options]
(when in (conch/feed-from-string proc (:in proc)))
(when out (callback out buffer :out proc))
(when err (callback err buffer :err proc))
(let [exit-code (if timeout
(conch/exit-code proc timeout)
(conch/exit-code proc))]
(if (= :timeout exit-code)
(if verbose
{:proc proc
:exit-code :timeout}
(let [proc-out (when-not out (output proc :out options))
proc-err (when-not err (output proc :err options))]
(if verbose
{:proc proc
:exit-code exit-code
:stdout proc-out
:stderr proc-err}
(if (= (:seq options) :err)
(defn execute [name & args]
(let [end (last args)
options (when (map? end) end)
args (if options (drop-last args) args)]
(if (:background options)
(future (run-command name args options))
(run-command name args options))))
(defmacro programs
"Creates functions corresponding to progams on the PATH, named by names."
[& names]
`(do ~@(for [name names]
`(defn ~name [& ~'args]
(apply execute ~(str name) ~'args)))))
(defn- program-form [prog]
`(fn [& args#] (apply execute ~prog args#)))
(defmacro let-programs
"Like let, but expects bindings to be symbols to strings of paths to
[bindings & body]
`(let [~@(seq/map-nth #(program-form %) 1 2 bindings)]
(defmacro with-programs
"Like programs, but only binds names in the scope of the with-programs call."
[programs & body]
`(let [~@(interleave programs (map (comp program-form str) programs))]
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