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Handle both out and err callbacks, allow for full info to be returned…

…, and be gentler with futures.
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1 parent 07d2842 commit eac06c90480502db74d90832f0cb5ee47729fd0c @Raynes committed
Showing with 26 additions and 10 deletions.
  1. +26 −10 src/conch/sh.clj
36 src/conch/sh.clj
@@ -14,22 +14,37 @@
(number? buffer) (map string/join (partition buffer (char-seq reader)))
:else (line-seq reader))))
+(defn callback [f buffer stream proc]
+ (.start
+ (Thread.
+ #(doseq [buffer (buffer-stream (stream proc) buffer)]
+ (f buffer proc)))))
+(defn output [proc k options]
+ (if (:seq options)
+ (buffer-stream (k proc) (:buffer options))
+ (conch/stream-to-string proc k)))
(defn run-command [name args options]
(let [proc (apply conch/proc name args)
- {proc-out :out, proc-err :err, proc-in :in} proc
- {:keys [out in buffer seq]} options]
- (when-let [in-string in] (conch/feed-from-string proc in-string))
- (cond
- out (doseq [buffer (buffer-stream out (:buffer options))]
- (out buffer proc))
- seq (buffer-stream proc-out buffer)
- :else (conch/stream-to-string proc :out))))
+ {:keys [buffer out in err]} options]
+ (when in (conch/feed-from-string proc (:in proc)))
+ (when out (callback out buffer :out proc))
+ (when err (callback err buffer :err proc))
+ (let [proc-out (when-not out (output proc :out options))
+ proc-err (when-not err (output proc :err options))]
+ (if (:verbose options)
+ {:proc proc
+ :exit-code (conch/exit-code proc)
+ :stdout proc-out
+ :stderr proc-err}
+ proc-out))))
(defn execute [name & args]
(let [end (last args)
options (and (map? end) end)
args (if options (drop-last args) args)]
- (if (or (:out options) (:background options))
+ (if (:background options)
(future (run-command name args options))
(run-command name args options))))
@@ -54,4 +69,5 @@
"Like programs, but only binds names in the scope of the with-programs call."
[programs & body]
`(let [~@(interleave programs (map (comp program-form str) programs))]
- ~@body))
+ ~@body))

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