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technoweenie committed May 10, 2010
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@@ -55,21 +55,26 @@ For example, to see the information for Grit
$ curl
+ :name: grit
+ :owner: schacon
+ :source: mojombo/grit # The original repo at top of the pyramid
+ :parent: defunkt/grit # This repo's direct parent
:description: Grit is a Ruby library for extracting information from a
git repository in an object oriented manner - this fork tries to
intergrate as much pure-ruby functionality as possible
:forks: 4
- :name: grit
:watchers: 67
:private: false
:fork: true
- :owner: schacon
:has_wiki: true
:has_issues: false
:has_downloads: true
+Some keys, such as `source` and `parent` are only available on the show repo
+action. They won't show up on repo lists or searches.
### Set Repo Info ###
If you are authenticated, you can update your repo's information by

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