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# irclj
-Irclj is currently in the middle of a complete rewrite. When it is ready for public consumption, releases will be announced on the Clojure mailing list. I'll also [tweet]( about it. Heaven knows I'll brag about it on IRC. Seriously, I might even come to you in a dream. You wont miss it.
+Irclj is a very simple and robust IRC library for Clojure. It is entirely asynchronous and callback-based.
+In its current state, Irclj is a rewrite. It is WIP, but useful as it stands.
If you're really, really interested in the old pathetic code, it's tagged 0.4.1. Have fun. Wear sunglasses.
## Usage
+Note that this is still a work in progress. Some things may not work, or obvious things may be missing.
+Check out the issue tracker to see what needs to be done, and please contribute if you can!
## License

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