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# lein-gitify
-A Leiningen plugin to do many wonderful things.
+This is a Leiningen plugin for creating and initializing a Github repository.
-## Usage
+This is a lein 2 plugin. It will not work for lein 1, and I do not wish to
+support lein 1. Upgrade, grandpa.
+## Installation
+Put `[lein-gitify "0.1.0"]` into the `:plugins` vector of your
+`:user` profile in `~/.lein/profiles.clj`.
-FIXME: Use this for user-level plugins:
+This plugin requires that you have set your Github username and password in
+your git config.
-Put `[lein-gitify "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"]` into the `:plugins` vector of your
-`:user` profile, or if you are on Leiningen 1.x do `lein plugin install
-lein-gitify 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT`.
+git config --get github.user
+git config --get github.password
-FIXME: Use this for project-level plugins:
+Github no longer supports token based authentication in its API, and we are
+thus required to use a password. If you don't want to store your password
+in your git config, please send me a pull request with a better idea for
+configuration that is equally as simplistic as setting a git config option.
+## Usage
-Put `[lein-gitify "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"]` into the `:plugins` vector of your project.clj.
+This plugin only works in a project. When you create a new project,
+(with `lein new` for example), cd into that project and run `lein gitify`.
+This will create a Github repository under your account, run `git init`,
+and set up your origin remote to point to the new Github repo. If you pass
+the `--init` option, it'll do the following as well:
-FIXME: and add an example usage that actually makes sense:
+git add .
+git commit -am 'First commit.'
+git push origin master
- $ lein gitify
+Thus creating and pushing your first commit. It will not do this unless you
+pass the `--init` option.
## License
-Copyright © 2012 FIXME
+Copyright © 2012 Anthony Grimes
Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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