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bd15873 @technomancy Release 0.3.7.
technomancy authored
1 (defproject lein-newnew "0.3.7"
897195a @Raynes First commit.
2 :description "A Leiningen plugin for generating new projects based on templates."
184c5ea @technomancy Latest versions of stencil and bultitude.
technomancy authored
3 :dependencies [[stencil "0.3.0"]
4 [bultitude "0.1.7"]]
c27d13a @technomancy That's, like, not even the right URL.
technomancy authored
5 :url ""
b2770a7 @technomancy Aw heck; add in more metadata.
technomancy authored
6 :license {:name "Eclipse Public License"
7 :url ""}
d34d3d4 @ibdknox remove name as an explicit var, move to stencil, and add sanitize exa…
ibdknox authored
8 :eval-in-leiningen true)
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