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(ns ^{:doc "Support for sending evaluation of forms into a ClojureScript repl."}
(:use [swank.core :only (with-emacs-package)]
[swank.commands :onlny (defslimefn)])
(:require [cljs.repl :as repl]
[cljs.compiler :as comp])
(def cljs-targets "A mapping of registered repl environments which can be used as targets." (atom {}))
(defn register-repl
"Register a new REPL environment for interactive-eval-with-target to dispatch to."
[key env]
(swap! cljs-targets assoc key env))
(defn eval-in-cljs
"Evaluate the given string in the provided ClojureScript repl environment."
[env form-string]
(binding [comp/*cljs-ns* comp/*cljs-ns*]
(let [form (read-string form-string),
;; Note: the following is lifted from cljs.repl.browser; FIXME: we
;; should add support there to do this without a repl thread.
context {:context :statement
:locals {}
:ns (@comp/namespaces comp/*cljs-ns*)}]
(repl/evaluate-form env context "<swank-cljs-repl>" form)
(defslimefn ^{:doc "Evaluate a Clojure form in a ClojureScript environment."}
interactive-eval-with-target [target form-string]
(let [env (get @cljs-targets target)]
(if env
(eval-in-cljs env form-string)
(throw (Exception.
(format "Emacs eval abort; eval target '%s' not found" target)))
;; Notes:
;; You will need an Emacs customization that overrides
;; slime-interactive-eval tocall (swank:interactive-eval-with-target) instead of
;; (swank:interactive-eval), such as is provided in clojure-mode.el.
;; Also, before you can eval to a target, you will need your VM to have a repl
;; instance registered via 'register-repl' (e.g. browser repl).
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