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(ns tallyho.core
(:use seesaw.core
[clojure.string :only [join]])
(:import [javax.swing JOptionPane JTable]
(def table-model
(proxy [DefaultTableModel] [(to-array-2d []) (object-array ["name" "score"])]
(isCellEditable [row column] false)))
(defn calculate-score [[calc & digits :as all] old]
(let [old (Integer/parseInt (str old))
digits (when digits (Integer/parseInt (join digits)))]
(= \+ calc) (+ old digits)
(= \- calc) (- old digits)
:else (+ old (Integer/parseInt (join all))))))
(defn validate [s]
(when-not (empty? s) s))
(defn calc-new-score [old]
(when-let [new-score
"Enter -number to decrease score.\nEnter either +number or number to increase score."))]
(try (calculate-score new-score old)
(catch NumberFormatException e))
(do (alert "Enter a real number, dude.")
(recur old)))))
(defn on-table-click
(when (and (= (.getButton e) MouseEvent/BUTTON1) (= 2 (.getClickCount e)))
(let [s-table (to-widget e)
row (.rowAtPoint s-table (.getPoint e))]
(when (>= row 0)
(when-let [new-score (calc-new-score (.getValueAt s-table row 1))]
(.setValueAt table-model new-score row 1))))))
(declare score-table)
(defn add-user [e]
(when-let [user (validate (JOptionPane/showInputDialog "Enter the player's name."))]
(object-array [user "0"]))))
(defn delete-user [e]
(when-let [row (selection score-table)]
(.removeRow table-model row)))
(defn confirm []
(= JOptionPane/YES_OPTION
"Are you sure?" "Seriously?"
(defn reset-scores [e]
(when (confirm)
(doseq [row (range 0 (.getRowCount score-table))]
(.setValueAt table-model 0 row 1))))
(defn reset-game [e]
(when (confirm)
(.setRowCount table-model 0)))
(def add-user-action (action :handler add-user :name "Add Player"))
(def delete-user-action (action :handler delete-user :name "Delete Player"))
(def reset-scores-action (action :handler reset-scores :name "Reset Scores"))
(def reset-game-action (action :handler reset-game :name "Remove All Players"))
(def score-table
(table :model table-model
:listen [:mouse-clicked on-table-click]
:popup (fn [e] [add-user-action delete-user-action
reset-scores-action reset-game-action])
:font "ARIAL-PLAIN-14")
(.setFillsViewportHeight true)
(.setRowHeight 20)))
(def scroll-pane (scrollable score-table))
(def menus (menubar :items
[(menu :text "Tallyho"
:items [add-user-action delete-user-action
reset-scores-action reset-game-action])]))
(def main-panel
:constraints ["fill, ins 0"]
:items [[scroll-pane "grow"]]))
(defn -main [& args]
:title "TallyHOOOOOOO"
:content main-panel
:on-close :exit
:menubar menus)))
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