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Add `readme` and `contents` from the Contents API #15

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I begin adding archive-link too, but it didn't play well with api-call since it doesn't return json.

Here's my partial impl incase anyone wants to pick it up from here:

(defn archive-link
  "Get a URL to download a tarball or zipball archive for a repository.
     archive-format -- tarball or zipball
     git-ref        -- a valid git ref (e.g. master)"
  ([user repo archive-format git-ref options]
   (api-call :get "repos/%s/%s/%s/%s" [user repo archive-format git-ref] options)))

archive-link can be implemented without api-call. See the download API for a similar deviation. api-call is just for the typical json-based API calls.


Main reason I wanted to use api-call/method-request was for its auth parsing. Should the part that determines whether to use basic auth or set the Authorization header be extracted so it can be used from non-json calls?


Yeah, I'd pull that out.


This pull request is no longer automatically mergeable, and the remainder of the changes weren't made. If you're still interested in this patch, please update the pull request to make it auto-mergable again and I'll merge it in regardless (archive-link could be added later).

@Raynes Raynes closed this

Looks like 2b883ec did all the work for contents, readme and archive-link so we're all good. I never got around to it :no_mouth:


Oh. Man. I need to catch up. :p

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Commits on Sep 29, 2012
  1. @devth

    Add Contents API

    devth authored
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  1. +13 −1 src/tentacles/repos.clj
14 src/tentacles/repos.clj
@@ -402,4 +402,16 @@
user repo event)
"hub.callback" callback}
(when-let [secret (:secret options)]
- {"hub.secret" secret}))})))
+ {"hub.secret" secret}))})))
+;; ## Repo Contents API
+(defn readme
+ "Get the preferred README for a repository."
+ [user repo options]
+ (api-call :get "repos/%s/%s/readme" [user repo] options))
+(defn contents
+ "Get the contents of any file or directory in a repository."
+ [user repo path options]
+ (api-call :get "repos/%s/%s/contents/%s" [user repo path] options))
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