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Add workaround for broken splitText() in IE9 #11

timdown opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Here's a Stack Overflow question illustrating the problem:

I cam across this problem independently. Here's my workaround:

function insertAfter(node, precedingNode) {
var nextNode = precedingNode.nextSibling, parent = precedingNode.parentNode;
if (nextNode) {
parent.insertBefore(node, nextNode);
} else {
return node;

// Note that we cannot use splitText() because it is bugridden in IE 9.
function splitDataNode(node, index) {
var newNode = node.cloneNode(false);
newNode.deleteData(0, index);
node.deleteData(index, node.length - index);
insertAfter(newNode, node);
return newNode;


@timdown If you want to be fixed at some kind of decent time period then adding a unit test that breaks will speed me up ;)

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