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Append only scuttlebutt structure
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Append only scuttlebutt structure


Represent an append only data structure through scuttlebutt.

You push new pieces of data onto the list. You can also remove a item from the list (which is actually an append only message).

append-only generates a unique __id on your item for you.

var AppendOnly = require("append-only")
    , list1 = AppendOnly()
    , list2 = AppendOnly()

list1.on("item", function (item) {
    if (item.more) {

list1.push({ some: "data" })
list1.push({ more: "data" })

list2.on("item", function (item) {
    console.log("items", item)

list2.on("remove", function (item) {
    console.log("item removed", item)

setTimeout(function () {
    var array = list2.createArray()
    console.log("array", array)
}, 500)

var stream1 = list1.createStream()
    , stream2 = list2.createStream()



npm install append-only


  • Raynos

MIT Licenced

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