An object with observable key value pairs
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An object with observable key value pairs


An observable will emit a new immutable value whenever one of its keys changes.

Nested keys will still be the same value if they were not changed in that particular .set() call.

var ObservStruct = require("observ-struct")
var Observ = require("observ")
var assert = require("assert")

var state = ObservStruct({
    fruits: ObservStruct({
        apples: Observ(3),
        oranges: Observ(5)
    customers: Observ(5)

state(function (current) {
  console.log("apples", current.fruits.apples)
  console.log("customers", current.customers)

state.fruits(function (current) {
  console.log("apples", current.apples)

var initialState = state()
assert.equal(initialState.fruits.oranges, 5)
assert.equal(initialState.customers, 5)



var obj = ObservStruct(opts)

ObservStruct() takes an object literal of string keys to either normal values or observable values.

It returns an Observ instance obj. The value of obj is a plain javascript object where the value for each key is either the normal value passed in or the value of the observable for that key.

Whenever one of the observables on a key changes the obj will emit a new object that's a shallow copy with that key set to the value of the appropiate observable on that key.


npm install observ-struct


  • Raynos

MIT Licenced