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Seaport in the browser!

Client Example

var boot = require("boot")
    , seaport = require("seaport-proxy")

var ports = seaport(boot("/boot"))

var stream = ports.get("magic@1.2.x")
stream.on("data", console.log.bind(console, "[BROWSER]"))

stream.write("hello from browser!")

Create a client connection to the seaport server as long as the seaport proxy is running on the server.

Server example

var boot = require("boot")
    , seaport = require("seaport-proxy")

var ports = seaport.connect("localhost", 9093)

var sock = boot(ports)
sock.install(someHttpServer, '/boot')
console.log("sock hooked on", "/boot")

Creates a seaport proxy on the server so that the browser can talk to seaport.

Magic service

var seaport = require("seaport-stream")
    , net = require("net")

var ports = seaport.connect("localhost", 9093)

ports.service("magic@1.2.3", createMagic)

function createMagic(stream) {
    stream.write("hello from magic!")
    stream.on("data", function (data) {
        console.log("[MAGIC]", data.toString())

Expose a service over seaport that the browser can talk to. Use seaport-stream because you don't care about the IO and only about the stream


npm install seaport-proxy


  • Raynos

MIT Licenced

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