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Terraform module to deploy Hasura graphql engine on AWS
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Hasura on AWS

supports terraform-0.12

Terraform module to deploy Hasura GraphQL Engine on AWS. This will deploy across multiple Availability Zones (AZ) with the following components:

  • Postgres RDS deployed in multiple AZ
  • Hasura GraphQL Engine in Fargate across multiple AZ
  • ALB for load balancing between the hasura tasks
  • Certificate issued by ACM for securing traffic to ALB
  • Logging for RDS, ECS, and ALB into Cloudwatch Logs


The master branch supports Terraform v0.12 and later. For Terraform v0.11 and older versions check other git branches.


  • AZ: Availability Zone
  • ALB: Application Load Balancer
  • ACM: AWS Certificate Manager
  • ECS: Elastic Container Service
  • RDS: Relational Database Service


  • AWS account
    • IAM user
    • domain with Route53
  • Terraform v0.12


Copy and paste into your Terraform configuration, edit the variables, and run terraform init

module "hasura" {
  source                    = "Rayraegah/hasura/aws"
  version                   = "2.0.0"
  region                    = "YOUR DEPLOYMENT REGION"
  domain                    = "YOUR DOMAIN NAME"
  app_subdomain             = "YOUR HASURA APP SUBDOMAIN"
  hasura_version_tag        = "HASURA VERSION TAG FOR DEPLOYMENT"
  hasura_admin_secret       = "YOUR HASURA ADMIN SECRET"
  hasura_jwt_secret_algo    = "ALGORITHM FOR JWT VERIFICATION (HMAC or RS256)"
  hasura_jwt_secret_key     = "YOUR PUBLIC KEY FOR JWT VERIFICATION"
  rds_db_name               = "YOUR DATABASE NAME"
  rds_instance              = "YOUR DATABASE INSTANCE SIZE"
  rds_username              = "YOUR DATABASE USERNAME"
  rds_password              = "YOUR DATABASE PASSWORD"
  multi_az                  = "ENABLE MULTIPLE AVAILABILITY ZONES"
  az_count                  = "NUMBER OF AVAILABILITY ZONES"
  vpc_enable_dns_hostnames  = "ENABLE DNS HOSTNAMES"
  environment               = "ENV VARS FOR ECS TASK"


Released under MIT License. Based on Gordon Johnston's proposed architecture.

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