Rays is a light-weight MVC framework implemented PHP language.
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Rays is a light-weight MVC framework. Easy and fast!
Please see the simple demos Rays Blog and HelloWorld.


git clone https://github.com/Raysmond/Rays.git
  • Latest version: 0.0.2 (2013-12-24)
  • Change log
  • PHP version requirement: >=5.2


  • MVC framework
  • OOP programming styles
  • ActiveRecord (AR) ORM pattern
  • Unified request/routes handling
  • Widgets development support
  • Session management
  • Security(user authentication) support for actions
  • Form validation
  • Dynamic content cache, file cache
  • Exception handling
  • Log system
  • Lots of helpers for html, form, images, pagination, validation, file uploading and etc.



  1. A client user type the URL http://localhost/FDUGroup/site/welcome/Raysmond(http://localhost/FDUGroup is the base path of the application) in the browser. Then, index.php will be the first bootstrap file to handle the request.
  2. An application instance will be created and initialize the web application.
  3. The application will invoke the request handler to normalize the process the HTTP request based on the URL.
  4. The application will invoke the router to resolve the URI information. In this example, the result should be: controller ID = “site”, action ID = “welcome” and the parameters array = [“Raysmond”].
  5. The SiteController will be created to handle the current request. An extract action named “actionWelcome” will be invoked automatically and “Raysmond” will the first arg passed to the method.
  6. The controller may obtain data from database via a model(RModel).
  7. The action renders the data via view file named “welcome.php” as main content
  8. Some modules(widgets) may be rendered in the layout file(HTML template)
  9. The main content will be inserted into the layout.
  10. Finally, the rendered HTML will be printed, so the user can view the result page


Rays framework is very easy to use and it follows the simple MVC coding style much like Yii framework. Compared with Yii, Rays is much lighter, and simpler, but it's not that powerful of course.The following codes are extracted from the demos/blog. application

  • Create an application
// demos/blog/index.php
$rays = dirname(__FILE__).'/../../Rays/Rays.php';
$config = dirname(__FILE__).'/config.php';


  • Create a post model
// demos/blog/app/models/Post.php
class Post extends RModel
    public $user; // post author
    public $id, $uid, $title, $content, $createdTime; // post attributes

    public static $table = "post";     
    public static $primary_key = "id"; 

    // Protect attributes from massive data assignment like: $post = new Post($_POST)
    public static $protected = array("id", "uid", "createdTime");

    public static $mapping = array(
        'id' => 'pid',
        'uid' => 'uid',
        'title' => 'title',
        'content' => 'content',
        'createdTime' => 'created_time'

    // Belongs-to relation
    public static $relation = array(
        'user' => array('User', "[uid] = [User.id]")

    // Validation rules
    public static $rules = array(
        'uid' => array("label" => "Author ID", "rules" => "trim|required|number"),
        "title" => array("label" => "Title", "rules" => "trim|required|min_length[5]|max_length[255]"),
        "content" => array("label" => "Content", "rules" => "trim|required|max_length[65535]")
  • Create a controller
// demos/blog/app/controllers/PostController.php
// Basic CRUD functions for post
class PostController extends RController
    // Access rules
    public $access = array( User::AUTHENTICATED => array("index", "new", "edit", "delete") );

    // My posts
    public function actionIndex()
        $this->render("index", array("posts" => $Post::find("uid", Rays::user()->id)->order_desc("id")->all()));

    // Read
    public function actionView($pid)
        $post = Post::find("id", $pid)->join("user")->first();

        $this->render("view", array('post' => $post));

    // Create
    public function actionNew()
        if (Rays::isPost()) {
            $post = new Post($_POST);
            $post->uid = Rays::user()->id;
            $post->createdTime = date("Y-m-d H:i:s");
            if ($post->validate_save("new") === false) {
                $this->render("edit", array("isNew" => true, "form" => $_POST, "errors" => $post->getErrors()));
            $this->redirectAction("post", "view", $post->id);

        $this->render("edit", array('isNew' => true));

    // Update
    public function actionEdit($pid)
        $post = Post::get($pid);

        $user = Rays::user(); // Current login user
        if (!$user->id === $post->id || !$user->role === User::ADMIN) {
            $this->flash("error", "Permission denied!");
            $this->redirectAction("post", "view", $post->id);

        $data = array('post' => $post, 'form' => $_POST);
        if (Rays::isPost()) {
            if ($post->validate_save("edit") !== false) {
                $this->flash("message", "Post edit successfully.");
                $this->redirectAction("post", "view", $post->id);

            $data['errors'] = $post->getErrors();

        $this->render("edit", $data);

    // Delete
    public function actionDelete($postId)
        if (($post = Post::get($postId)) !== null) {
            if ((Rays::user()->id == $post->uid || Rays::user()->role === User::ADMIN)) {
                $this->flash("message", "Post " . $post->title . " was deleted successfully!");
                $this->redirectAction("post", "index");
            } else {
                $this->flash("warning", "Permission denied!");
                $this->redirectAction("post", "view", $post->id);
  • Create a view file
<!-- demos/blog/app/views/post/view.php -->
<?php $self->setHeaderTitle($post->title); ?>
<h1><?= $post->title ?></h1>
    <?= RHtml::linkAction("user", $post->user->name, "view", $post->user->id) ?>
    posts at <?= $post->createdTime ?>
<div><?= $post->content ?></div>


Thanks for the work of Xiangyan Sun and Renchu Song.


Copyright © 2013 Jiankun Lei (Raysmond)
Under BSD license, read the LICENSE file.