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* Ad lua manager support (normal + API)

* Add signatures for lua functions

* Add ingame managers for lua

* Fix crashing for 2+ functions added to ingame

* Clean up some warnings related to lua

* First lua push impl

* Fix lua integer pushing

* Fix lua bool and float pushing

* Add signature for `lua_pushstring`

* Add comment explaining the logic for push_number

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November 25, 2022 00:38
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July 19, 2021 20:01
July 21, 2020 21:51
January 16, 2022 21:26


A modding framework for loading and managing community-made mods and plugins powered by Skyline for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Made with love by Raytwo with help from jam1garner, blujay, Coolsonickirby, Shadów, and contributions by many more!


ARCropolis comes built-in with a few features such as:

Migration from Ultimate Mod Manager

To migrate mods from an Ultimate Mod Manager setup, rename sd:/UltimateModManager to sd:/ultimate, delete rom:/data.arc, and you're good to go! If you need a guide explaining things step-by-step, consult the wiki.

Work-in-progress emulator support

While only Ryujinx has some compatibility with ARCropolis for the time being, support for Yuzu is being worked on.
Please be aware that we are not affiliated in any way with either of these emulators, so we are not responsible for any progress on that front. If you are interested in using ARCropolis on a emulator, please read the following beforehand.


Head to the releases page to get the latest build!
Beta builds are sometimes posted there, but please be aware that you are expected to provide constructive feedback when using them.

Installation and usage

A wiki page is available to help get you started with setting up ARCropolis.

If you run into issues

  1. Consider reading the Troubleshooting section of the wiki to find some pointers on what could have gone wrong.
  2. If you still can't manage to solve the problem, consider opening a Discussion to get some assistance when possible.
    2.1. In the case where you are certain the issue comes from ARCropolis itself, consider opening an issue using one of our various templates available. Use this as a last resort only, as we are flooded with bug reports that are user errors.

Have an idea for improvements or new features?

Head over to the Discussions tab and suggest your idea(s)! If it sounds doable and useful, it might eventually make it into a future version of ARCropolis!

Noteworthy mods and plugins for use with ARCropolis

  • HewDraw Remix (HDR) - A massive gameplay overhaul with cherry-picked skins by various community members, custom menus, new music, and much more!
  • Smash Minecraft Skins - A Skyline plugin for downloading Minecraft skins from its official servers directly from Smash!
  • One Slot Victory Theme - A Skyline plugin for configuring victory fanfares on a per-costume basis.
  • Arc Randomizer - A Skyline plugin for randomly picking one of multiple files when modding the game.

Special Thanks

Here is a list of multiple people who have contributed to ARCropolis over time:

  • Current maintainers: Raytwo, blujay
  • Contributors: Raytwo, Coolsonickirby, blujay, jam1garner, jozz
  • Special thanks: Shadów, Genwald
  • Logo: Styley