Conway's Game of Life written in pure Node.JS, zero external dependencies
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An implementation of Conway's Game of Life with two modes, interactive controls, custom scenarios, and a scenario editor, all written in pure Node.JS with zero external dependencies

Demo GIF


Just clone the repository

$ git clone


From inside the repository folder, you can run the following commands:


$ node conway
# OR
$ node conway <scenario file>
# Example:
$ node conway example/mushroom


$ node editor
# OR
$ node editor <scenario file>
# Example:
$ node editor example/continent



Key Action
H or ? Shows the help screen
Space Toggles modes between Auto and Manual
+ Increases FPS by 1, hold shift to increase by 5
- Decreases FPS by 1, hold shift to decrease by 5
CTRL+O Opens a different data file
CTRL+C or Q Quits Conway's Game of Life
Enter/Return Goes forward 1 year
Left Arrow Key Goes back 1 year, hold shift to go back 5 years
Right Arrow Key Goes forward 1 year, hold shift to go forward 5 years
0 Goes back to year 0
9 Goes to the final year


Press CTRL+C or CTRL+D to quit at any time.

Main Menu

Key Action
Up/Down Arrow Navigate menus

Scenario Editor

Key Action
Up/Down/Left/Right Arrow Move around scenario grid
Space Toggle state of cell
CTRL+S Saves the scenario to the scenario file
CTRL+R Reloads the scenario from the scenario file
CTRL+W or CTRL+Q Quits back to the main menu