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A simple *nix script to install all the essentials for a Spigot server.
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A simple script for installing all the essentials of a simple Spigot server

This is a simple *nix script for installing all the essentials for a simple Spigot server. It downloads the latest version of:

It also creates a simple start script that runs your server with 2GB of RAM, and automatically sets the EULA to agreed. (Note: by using this script you are agreeing to the Mojang EULA)

If you would like a plugin added, please create an issue to let me know.




Requirements: curl

Tested on a Kali Linux VM, a Raspberry Pi, and my MacBook Pro (running macOS Sierra 10.12.2)

You can run it without downloading the script to your harddrive:

curl -fsSL | bash -

Or you can simply download the script, put it somewhere in your PATH, and run it like any other command.

Example usage

cd ~/Desktop
mkdir MyServer
cd MyServer


cd ~/Desktop
mkdir MyServer
cd MyServer
curl -fsSL | bash -


Rayzr522, for the base code. My brain, with inspiration for the run-without-installing command from the yarn installer page.

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