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A simple Discord bot made for Discord Hack Week 2019 with a plethora of small games you can play, as well as a global currency and rewards system!
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Made with ❤️ by @Rayzr522 and @zp4rker

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A simple Discord bot made for Discord Hack Week 2019 with a plethora of small games you can play, as well as a global currency and shop system!

Gameboi aims to be not only a cool entry for the Discord Hack Week of 2019, but also aims to be a full feature game bot to bring a new level of fun and games to your server!

With 2 multiplayer games (Fight & Connect 4) and 2 singleplayer games (Hangman & 2048), Gameboi is sure to liven up any server, and the charm of its retro pixel-art graphics feels right at home to any old-school gamer.

Head down to Screenshots for some screenshots of Gameboi in action! :)


Click here to invite the bot to your server!

You can also join the official RayzrDev server to play with Gameboi yourself :)


You can download and run the bot yourself by grabbing the latest JAR from the RayzrDev Jenkins server here. Simply run the JAR from the commandline like so:

java -jar gameboi-VERSION-jar-with-dependencies.jar

A config.yml file will be generated in the working directory the first time you run the bot, so just fill in your bot token and prefix and you're good to go!


Command Description
help Shows you help for Gameboi
invite Gives you an invite link for Gameboi
about Shows you information about Gameboi
ping Shows you the bot's ping
stats [game] Shows your game stats
connect4 <other> Invites a player to play Connect4 with you!
fight <other> Invites a player to play Fight with you!
2048 Starts a 2048 game.
hangman Starts a hangman game.
quit Quits you from your current match
shop Lets you see what is available for purchase in the shop
buy <item> Lets you buy items from the shop
inventory Shows you what items you currently have
equip <slot> <none OR item> Lets you equip different items


Connect 4

Player 2 (yellow) is using the Circle Design item.

Connect 4


Player 1 is using the Ribbit Hat item, while Player 2 is using the Tophat item.






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