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We no longer provide support for selfbots. They are banned, and that is just the sad, honest truth. This repository is now just for educational purposes.


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Selfbots are officially banned. For more information, see here.

SharpBot was an ever-expanding Discord selfbot powered by Discord.js that had a bunch of fun and useful commands. From automating boring tasks with shortcuts to fetching a random cat picture from the internet, SharpBot had it all! Features included Google searching, fetching extended information about users and servers, dice rolls, quoting messages, setting your game, shortening URLs, keeping track of your todo list, embedding messages, generating memes, and so much more. Sadly, none of this is possible anymore due to technical changes in Discord's internals.

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The bot was originally a modified version of eslachance's djs-selfbot-v9, but over time I've completely rewritten it. The commands are a compilation of my own work as well as snippets found online.

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If you need help with a bot or just want to chat, you can join my Discord server! If you don't have Discord, don't worry. It only takes a few moments to sign up.

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