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                             a collection of
                            free screen savers
                            for X11 and MacOS

                            By Jamie Zawinski
                             and many others



This is the XScreenSaver source code distribution.  It is strongly recommended
that you install a binary release rather than trying to compile it yourself.
Binaries are available for almost all platforms, including MacOS X.  See the
XScreenSaver web site for details.

To compile on a Unix system with X11:

    make install

To compile on MacOS X:

    Use the included XCode project.  Requires XCode 2.4 and MacOS X 10.4.0
    or newer.

Interested in writing a new screen saver?

    See the README.hacking file.


XScreenSaver has an extensive manual -- please read it!


Changes since 5.04:   * New hacks, `cubicgrid', `hypnowheel', and
                        `lcdscrub' (which isn't really a screen saver).
                      * Updates to `m6502' and `gears'.
                      * Fixed double-buffering problems in `cubestorm' and
                      * Better handling of horizontal scroll wheels.
                      * Attempt to work around latest Xinerama braindamage:
                        if the server reports overlapping screens, use the
                        largest non-overlapping rectangles available.
                      * Don't warning about receipt of bogus ClientMessages,
                        since Gnome's just never going to stop sending those.
                      * Worked around MacOS 10.5 perl bug that caused the
                        text-displaying hacks to fail on some systems.
                      * Hopefully fixed font-related System Preferences crashes
                        in MacOS savers.
                      * The recent PAM changes broke the "Caps Lock" warning
                        in the password dialog, the failed login warnings, and
                        syslogging.  Fixed all that.
Changes since 5.03:   * Fixed a possible crash in the unlock dialog (more
                        fallout from the recent PAM changes...)
                      * New hacks, `moebiusgears', `abstractile', and
                      * Rewrote `gears' to use better (involute) gear models,
                        and to be more random.
                      * Minor updates to `cwaves', `voronoi', `deco',
                        `glcells', `rd-bomb', `fireworkx' and `webcollage'.
                      * `pong' can now display the current time as the score.
                      * `xmatrix -mode pipe' works better.
                      * Minor tweaks for compilation on MacOS 10.5.0.
Changes since 5.02:   * New hacks, `cwaves', `glcells', `m6502', and `voronoi'.
                      * Minor fixes to `bsod'.
                      * Fixed possible crash with PAM USB-dongle auth.
                      * Updated `webcollage' to track recent Google Images
                        and Flickr changes.
Changes since 5.01:   * Reworked PAM code to support fingerprint readers, etc.
                      * Ported 'webcollage' to OSX.
                      * Added OSX 10.2 and 10.3 kernel panics to `bsod'.
                      * Fixed a Xinerama crash when changing the screen count.
                      * New blobbier `mirrorblob'.
                      * Minor updates to `lisa', `bsod', `ifs', `hypertorus',
                        `polytopes', `circuit', `endgame', `crackberg',
                        `flipflop', `flipscreen3d', `fliptext', and `carousel'.
                      * Enabled multi-threaded OpenGL on OSX.
Changes since 5.00:   * Backed out recent locale-related changes, since they
                        broke far more things than they fixed.
                      * Fail gracefully with ridiculously small window sizes.
                      * `xflame' and `flag' ignore bitmap option on MacOS.
                      * `speedmine' prefs work on MacOS.
                      * Better explosions in `boxed'.
                      * More dynamic motion in `sproingies'.
                      * More options in `flipflop'.
                      * Minor updates to `topblock'.
                      * Various other minor fixes.
Changes since 4.24:   * Ported to MacOS X! (10.4.0 or newer)
                      * API change: instead of providing a single screenhack()
                        function that does not return, screen savers using the
                        screenhack.h framework must now provide "init" and
                        "draw one frame" functions instead.  All bundled savers
                        have been updated; third-party patches will need work.
                      * All image-loading happens asynchronously.
                      * xscreensaver-getimage-file caches the contents of the
                        image directory for a few hours, so consecutive runs
                        won't have to re-list the whole directory tree.
                      * New hacks, `topblock' and `glschool'.
                      * Removed `xteevee' (superceded by `xanalogtv').
                      * Added variable-sized puzzle pieces to `jigsaw'.
                      * Changes to the defaults and command-line options of
                        many hacks to make the .xml files more consistent.
                      * Reap zombies in `glslideshow' and `carousel'.
                      * `sonar' works without setuid on OSX (dgram icmp).
                      * `xmatrix -mode pipe' displays the text of a subprocess.
                      * `endgame' has higher resolution chess-piece models.
                      * `webcollage' takes a -directory option to get images
                        from a local directory.
                      * The RPM spec file no longer auto-restarts xscreensaver
                        when a new version is installed.  Restart it manually.
Changes since 4.23:   * New versions of `cube21', `glsnake', `celtic'.
                      * Backed out a DPMS-related patch that cause desktop
                        flickering with some X servers.
                      * Fixed startup crash in getgroups() when running setuid.
                      * Default to not displaying stderr on the saver window.
                      * Fixed bad free() in "Documentation" button.
                      * Don't try to run hacks that aren't installed.
                      * Minor fixes to various XML config files and man pages.
Changes since 4.22:   * New hacks, `glhanoi', `cube21', `timetunnel',
                        `juggler3d', and `celtic'.
                      * New versions of `tangram', `webcollage', `hypertorus',
                        `polytopes', and `ripples'.
                      * `sonar' is now quiet about unresolvable hosts.
                      * Minor corrections to BASIC code in `apple2'.
                      * xscreensaver-demo now provides an RPM clue when none
                        of the hacks seem to be installed.
                      * Don't install `ant' by default, since there is some
                        Java tool of that name, which was causing confusion.
                        And also it's boring.
                      * Made screen grabbing work again on MacOS 10.4.2.
                      * No longer prints bogus warnings about ClientMessages
                        intended for the window manager.
                      * Ignore unprintable characters in passwd entry field.
                      * Fixed yet another cross-host-display image-loading
                        endian problem.
                      * `xscreensaver-command -watch' and `-time' now work
                        on 64-bit machines.
Changes since 4.21:   * Fixed a bug in the new mouse-motion code that caused
                        the screen to never blank on multi-head non-Xinerama
                        systems.  Oops.
                      * New hacks, `interaggregate', `antmaze', `tangram',
                        and `crackberg'.
                      * Minor tweaks to `fiberlamp', `ifs', `slidescreen',
                        `zoom', `sonar', `fireworkx', `whirlwindwarp',
                        `bubble3d', and `rd-bomb'.
                      * Added motion blur to `blinkbox'.
                      * `bsod' now includes Longhorn's "RSOD", and OS/2.
                      * Fixed `-wireframe' usage in most hacks and man pages.
Changes since 4.20:   * New hack: `fliptext'.
                      * Changed default configure installation directories:
                        /usr/bin/ for xscreensaver, etc.;
                        /usr/libexec/xscreensaver/ for hacks;
                        /usr/share/xscreensaver/config/ for xml files.
                      * All the text-manipulating screen savers can have their
                        text source configured via `xscreensaver-demo' now.
                      * xscreensaver.spec now builds three RPMs:
                        base (no hacks); extras (2d hacks); and gl-extras.
                      * Added `-program' and `-front' option to `gltext'.
                      * Added `-shells' to `molecule'.
                      * Fixed text-alpha glitch in `carousel'.
                      * New `pacman': the ghosts can be killed now.
                      * Fixed a bug in screen-grabbing GL hacks where images
                        would be tiled instead of scaled on machines that
                        can't do large textures.
                      * `webcollage' can hit Flickr now.
                      * New (rewritten) implementation of `ifs'.
                      * The unlock dialog can be made to have a "New Login"
                        button that will run `gdmflexiserver'.  Experimental!
                      * Fixed non-ASCII display bug in `starwars'.
                      * Configure finds a default for imageDirectory.
                      * "xscreensaver-command -lock" now works even if
                        in "screensaver disabled" mode.
                      * If a bad password is typed while CapsLock is on, the
                        unlock dialog says "CapsLock?" instead of "Sorry".
                      * Mouse motion only counts as activity if the mouse moved
                        more than 10 pixels (so the screen won't unblank every
                        time you bump your desk.)
                      * New mode option "random-same": if you have multiple
                        monitors, this will run the *same* randomly chosen
                        hack on each screen, instead of different ones on each.
Changes since 4.19:   * New hacks, `fiberlamp', `boing', `boxfit', and
                      * Rewrote `glslideshow' again: should be faster now.
                      * Sped up loading of images in GL programs.
                      * `starwars' uses texture-mapped fonts now.
                      * New `bsod' modes: tru64, hppa, and nvidia.
                      * Updates to `webcollage', `juggle', `pinion',
                        `fireworkx', `sonar', `extrusion', `substrate', and
Changes since 4.18:   * New hacks, `substrate', `intermomentary', `fireworkx',
                        and `pinion'.
                      * New version of `flow'.
                      * Made /proc/interrupts work again on Linux 2.6.
                      * Made `analogtv' not hog the CPU.
                      * Made analogtv-based hacks work properly on PPC/ARM.
                      * Fixed a bad memory leak in `piecewise'.
                      * Minor updates to `sonar', `molecule', `glmatrix',
                        `galaxy', and `webcollage'.
                      * Removed support for GTK 1.x (everyone uses 2.x now.)
Changes since 4.17:   * Oops, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
Changes since 4.16:   * New hacks, `anemotaxis' and `memscroller'.
                      * Fixed a bad bug that caused `vidwhacker' to never die.
                      * Fixed normals and lighting in `polyhedra'.
                      * Don't reuse the window when changing hacks (to work
                        around bugs in some GL implementations.)
                      * Made `xscreensaver-getimage-file' skip thumbnail-sized
                      * Fixed endian problem in `barcode' on non-x86.
                      * Updates to `webcollage', `apple2', `fuzzyflakes',
                        `atunnel', and `pacman'.
                      * Timing tweaks to `bubble3d', `bouncingcow', `engine',
                        `gltext', `lavalite', `molecule', `spotlight', 
                        `sballs', `boxed', `blinkbox', and `circuit'.
                      * Configure updates for Fedora core 2 / xorg 6.7.0.
                      * Compile without warnings under gcc 3.3.3.
                      * I give up: don't blank or lock the screen if we can't
                        get a keyboard grab.  In that case, both choices are
Changes since 4.15:   * New hacks, `polyhedra', `fuzzyflakes', `antinspect',
                        and `providence'.
                      * Minor updates to `webcollage', `bsod', `endgame',
                        `antspotlight', `xmatrix', and `glmatrix'.
                      * Added support for the RANDR (Resize and Rotate)
                        extension to detect when the size of the desktop has
                        been changed while xscreensaver is already running.
                      * Possibly-futile attempt to work around "rdesktop"
                        focus/grab idiocy.
                      * Made `xscreensaver-getimage -file' still work even if
                        imageDirectory is unset.
                      * Convert Latin1 to ASCII in `starwars' and `phosphor'
                        (since the GLUT font only has ASCII glyphs.)
                      * Fixed randomization in `noof'.
                      * Added "GetViewPortIsFullOfLies" preference to work
                        around longstanding XFree86 bug #421.
                      * Made `sonar' subnet pinging work properly on bigendian
                        machines (e.g., PPC.)
Changes since 4.14:   * New hacks, `wormhole', `mismunch', `noof', and
                      * `phosphor' and `apple2' include vt100 emulators now:
                        this means you can do "phosphor -program top", or
                        can use either program as an xterm replacement:
                        "apple2 -text -fast -program 'xemacs -nw'".
                      * `analogtv' (and related) fill the screen better.
                      * The '-gradient' option works in `atlantis' now.
                      * Minor updates to `blinkbox', `queens', `endgame',
                        `glmatrix', `mirrorblob', `blocktube', and `molecule'.
                      * Integrated SuSE's "external passwd helper" support.
                      * Marginally better /tmp handling in various programs.
                      * Updated config defaults for xplanet 1.0.3.
                      * Portability fixes.
Changes since 4.13:   * New hacks, `fontglide', `apple2', `xanalogtv', `pong',
                        `gleidescope', `mirrorblob', and `blinkbox'.
                      * New version of `glsnake' (with many more models.)
                      * Another Windows crash in `bsod'; also HVX/GCOS6/TPS6.
                      * New version of `endgame'.
                      * Screen grabbing works on MacOS X.
                      * Various minor fixes.
Changes since 4.12:   * On Xinerama systems, xscreensaver now runs one hack on
                        each monitor (just like in "real" multi-head mode)
                        instead of running one hack stretching across all the
                        screens.  Note that for this to work with any 3rd party
                        screensavers, they must update their "vroot.h" file.
                      * `webcollage' and `vidwhacker' display images using
                        `xscreensaver-getimage' now.
                      * Added `ljlatest' script for use with `starwars' and
Changes since 4.11:   * New GL hacks, `flipflop', `antspotlight', and
                      * Added VMS to `bsod'.
                      * Compile without warnings in "gcc -pedantic".
                      * Updates to `webcollage' and `queens'.
                      * Fixed a bug that could cause PAM to hang.
Changes since 4.10:   * New hacks, `hypertorus', `cubestorm', `glknots',
                        `blocktube', and `glmatrix'.
                      * Updates to `cloudlife', `engine', `xmatrix', and
                      * Rewrote `glslideshow': it should work on somewhat
                        wimpier video cards now.
                      * Various portability tweaks.
Changes since 4.09:   * New hacks, `cloudlife' and `klein'.
                      * Added Apple ][+, HPUX, and OS/390 sessions to BSOD.
                      * Added some Matrix Reloaded text to `xmatrix'.
                      * Updates to `webcollage', `eruption', `jigglypuff',
                        `metaballs', and `endgame'.
                      * Completely ignore the `memoryLimit' setting now,
                        since it was still causing people GL grief.
                      * Various minor fixes.
Changes since 4.08:   * New hacks, `flyingtoasters', `bouncingcow',
                        `jigglypuff', and `glslideshow'.
                      * More models in `engine'.
                      * Rewrote `xscreensaver-getimage' to remove reliance on
                        external image loaders (xv, chbg, xloadimage, etc.)
                        and to reduce flicker when loading files.
                      * Made `gflux' and `flipscreen3d' be mouse-spinnable.
Changes since 4.07:   * New hacks, `atunnels' and `piecewise'.
                      * Physics improvement in `fluidballs'.
                      * Various fixes for XDarwin systems (X11 on MacOS X.)
                      * Added -clock option to `barcode'.
                      * Minor fixes to `endgame', `flurry', `flipscreen3d',
                        and `gflux'.
Changes since 4.06:   * New hacks, `flurry', `metaballs', `eruption',
                        `popsquares', and `barcode'.
                      * Minor updates to `maze' for high density mazes.
                      * Added double buffering to `fluidballs' and `whirlygig'.
                      * Bug fixes for running xscreensaver to a remote XFree86
                        display (which nobody would ever do...)
                      * Updated `webcollage' (faster Alta Vista searching.)
                      * Updated `glplanet' so the sun sets in the west.
                      * Updated `sproingies' with smooth, unsegmented surfaces.
                      * Fixed Perl version-sensitivity in
                      * Fixed GTK2 scrolling bug in `xscreensaver-demo'.
Changes since 4.05:   * New hack, `glblur' (disabled by default, since it
                        requires fast OpenGL texture support.)
                      * New hack, `halftone'.
                      * Updates to `endgame', `queens', `bumps', `glplanet',
                        `engine', and `circuit'.
                      * New version of `menger' that uses far fewer polygons.
                      * Fixed minor bug in `critical' that could cause some
                        bogus X servers to crash.
                      * Better labels in `molecule': the labels now appear to
                        be attached to the atoms, instead of floating in front
                        of the whole scene.
                      * Fixed bug that could rarely cause GL hacks to fail to
                        double-buffer (causing intermittent flickering.)
                      * Fixed a relative-URL-parsing bug in `webcollage'.
                      * Fixed a bug that (sometimes) caused the window manager
                        close box to kill `xscreensaver-demo' with a crash
                        instead of a graceful exit.
                      * Updated xscreensaver.pam to the Red Hat 7.3 way.
                      * More Gnome2-related configure crap.
                      * Updated to latest `config.guess' and `config.sub'.
                      * Fixed occasional core dump in `distort'.
                      * Added a Linux fsck failure and kernel panic to `bsod'.
                      * Added MacOS X kernel panic to `bsod'.
                      * Fixed a bug in `bsod' (all bsod bugs are ironic.)
                      * Fixed a bug that caused `xscreensaver-gl-helper' to
                        print a nonsense visual ID with some versions of
                        `printf': this could cause GL programs to display
                        incorrectly (e.g., flickery.)
Changes since 4.04:   * More `configure' tweaks to try and get things working
                        on systems that both Gtk 1.x and 2.x installed.
                      * New hack, `endgame'.
                      * Minor updates to `gltext'.
Changes since 4.03:   * Support for GTK 2.x / GNOME 2.x.
                      * The `configure' script will now use `pkg-config' if
                        you have it, in preference to `gtk-config', etc.
                      * New hacks, `lavalite', `queens', and `anemone'.
                      * Minor updates to `spheremonics', `gltext', `xmatrix'.
                      * You can use the mouse to manually spin most of the GL
                        hacks now (when they are displaying in a window.)
                      * Fixed a bug in `webcollage' (due to recent Alta Vista
                        url changes) that was causing it to try and load 
                        incorrect image URLs.
                      * Made `xscreensaver-getimage' use gdk_pixbuf if it is
                        available: this means that those hacks that load images
                        will no longer rely on "xv", "xloadimage", etc.  This
                        will close a race condition that could sometimes cause
                        your desktop background to be changed; and also makes
                        it possible for those programs to operate on image
                        files when running in windowed mode.
                      * `webcollage' can now be used in conjunction with
                        `driftnet' to display images snooped from your local
                        ethernet instead of obtained from search engines.
                      * Added man pages for all the hacks that didn't have
Changes since 4.02:   * New hack, `spheremonics'.
                      * Minor updates to `webcollage', `cage', `moebius',
                        `morph3d', `boxed', `circuit', and `helix'.
                      * `pulsar' and `extrusion' can now load texture JPEGs.
                      * `rubik' now does non-square cubes.
                      * `fluidballs' now does various sizes of balls.
                      * `menger' and `sierpinski3d' now also show polygon
                        counts in -fps mode.
                      * `molecule' displays real subscripts in the formulae.
                      * GTK internationalization/localization support.
                      * Better detection of the various versions of libxml.
                      * Upgraded to autoconf 2.53 (from 2.13.)
Changes since 4.01:   * Plugged a few minor leaks in `xscreensaver' and
                      * New hacks, `cubenetic' and `fluidballs'.
                      * Sped up `pipes'.
                      * Fixed sphere projection error in `glplanet'; installed
                        a better image of earth.
                      * Added Win2K and MacOS 1 crashes to `bsod'.
                      * Put back previous (better) version of `forest' that
                        was accidentially downgraded in the last release.
                      * New version of `bumps'.
                      * Made FPS computation in GL hacks more efficient: it
                        will influence the results less, thus resulting in
                        higher (but more accurate) reported frame rates.
Changes since 4.00:   * New hacks: `twang', `glsnake', `boxed', `sballs',
                        and `glforestfire'.
                      * New hacks `apollonian', `euler2d', `juggle',
                        `polyominoes' and `thornbird', from xlockmore.
                      * Merged recent xlockmore changes into `ant', `braid',
                        `demon', `discrete', `drift', `fadeplot', `forest',
                        `grav', `hopalong', `ifs', `laser', `lightning',
                        `lisa', `lissie', `loop', `mountain', `penrose',
                        `rotor', `sierpinski', `slip', `sphere', `spiral',
                        `strange', and `vines'.
                      * Fixed the `gltext' bug that sometimes caused
                        horizontal lines to vanish again.  This time for sure.
                      * Sped up `webcollage' by adding a C helper program to
                        replace the PPM pipeline.  It also pastes images
                        semi-transparently now.
                      * Added support for the gdk_pixbuf library: if this lib
                        is available, then `blitspin', `xflame', and `flag'
                        can load GIF, JPEG, and PNG images in addition to XPM
                        and XBM.
                      * Fixed a rare race condition where the desktop-grabbing
                        hacks could sometimes leave the screen wedged, if the
                        user moved the mouse exactly when they were grabbing
                        the screen image (it would un-wedge the next time the
                        saver timed out or was activated.)
                      * Fixed incorrect colors in the screen-grabbing GL hacks
                        (`gflux' and `flipscreen3d'.)
                      * Made SIGHUP restart the daemon process (though using
                        `xscreensaver-command -restart' is still the preferred
                      * Tweaks to `xspirograph'.
                      * Minor configure and portability tweaks.
Changes since 3.34:   * Redesigned `xscreensaver-demo' GUI: it now includes
                        small-preview and per-hack configuration dialogs.
                      * Added three new modes of operation: `One Screen Saver',
                        `Blank Screen', and `Don't Blank' (in addition to the
                        historical `Random Screen Saver').
                      * Configure now defaults to installing the hacks in
                        <prefix>/lib/xscreensaver/ instead of <prefix>/bin/.
                        (Most distros already did it this way.)
                      * New GL hacks, `menger', `engine', `flipscreen3d'.
                      * Made `sierpinski3d' be more colorful.
                      * New versions of `xmatrix' and `nerverot'.
                      * Fixed a bug in `starwars' that made the font be drawn
                        with thin lines in -root mode.
                      * Fixed a bad colormap bug in `crystal' that could make
                        *subsequent* hacks malfunction!
                      * Made `gflux' able to grab screen images (`-mode grab').
                      * Updated `webcollage' for recent search engine changes.
                      * Removed most command-line options to `xscreensaver':
                        just edit the ~/.xscreensaver file instead.
                      * Improved behavior on multi-screen and Xinerama systems:
                        the mouse now stays on the screen where the user left
                        it, and the password and splash dialogs always appear
                        on the screen that has the mouse.
                      * Made the splash dialog use more Gtk-like colors;
                        made it have only two buttons, "Settings" and "Help".
                      * Made `sonar' understand `.ssh/known_hosts2' format
                        files, and be better about stripping out illegal 
Changes since 3.33:   * Turned `memoryLimit' off by default, sigh.  Apparently
                        some versions of the GL libraries (appear to) allocate
                        hundreds of megs for every GL program, so `memoryLimit'
                        was causing GL programs to malfunction or crash on
                        those systems.
                      * Improved fading on TrueColor XFree86 4.1.x systems.
                      * New GL hack, `circuit'.
                      * Added `fuzz' mode to `decayscreen'.
                      * New version of `whirlygig'.
                      * Added links to `xplanet' and `sphereEversion'.
                      * Fixed rare race condition that could make `sonar' hang.
                      * Fixed potential crash in `speedmine'.
                      * Made `xscreensaver-demo' not crash when imageDirectory
                        was set to a non-existent directory.
                      * Made `xscreensaver-getimage-video' invoke XawTV's
                        `streamer' program better.
                      * Made `phosphor' and `starwars' deal with CR, LF, 
                        or CRLF line endings.
                      * Changes for Cygwin compilation environments.
                      * Made `sonar' compile on systems that can't ping.
                      * Configure changes for HPUX 10.20.
                      * Made PAM code work on Red Had 4.2 systems.
                      * Made `xscreensaver-command -deactivate' work when the
                        saver is not active: what that does is reset the idle
                        timer, as if keyboard input had been detected.  This
                        was added for the benefit of people writing DVD-playing
                        software: they can now prevent the screensaver from
                        kicking in by sending a -deactivate message once a
                        minute while the movie is playing and not paused.
                      * Various minor portability tweaks.
Changes since 3.32:   * New hacks, `speedmine' and `whirlygig'.
                      * Sped up `pyro', made the explosions look a bit better.
                      * Added better stars to `glplanet' and `starwars'.
                      * Many internal changes to `webcollage'.
                      * Some new options to `attraction'.
                      * Minor fix to `noseguy' to avoid un-erased pixels.
                      * Rewrote the screen-eraser effects so that they complete
                        in the same amount of time regardless of how slow
                        your X server is (some of them were glacial on servers
                        with slow blitting.)
                      * Fixed a potential free memory reference that could
                        sometimes cause a crash at startup.
                      * Possibly fixed a problem that could cause the daemon
                        to crash with an X error.  I was never able to
                        reproduce this problem, but I think I might have
                        figured out what caused it.
                      * Worked around a problem that caused PAM authentication
                        to fail on some Red Hat 7.x systems.
                      * Added a `memoryLimit' parameter that controls the
                        amount of memory a graphics hack may allocate: if they
                        try to allocate more than this, malloc() will fail
                        (and they will exit or (safely) crash, rather than
                        hogging memory.)  Default is 50M.
                      * Made `gnome-help-browser' be the default way to display
                        man pages in `xscreensaver-demo', if running on a 
                        GNOME system.
Changes since 3.31:   * The image-manipulating hacks (`slidescreen', etc.) can
                        now operate on randomly chosen image files from disk,
                        or on frames captured from the system's video input,
                        instead of (or in addition to) manipulating images of
                        the desktop.
                      * Rewrote `vidwhacker' to use the new image-grabbing
                      * Made fading work on TrueColor XFree86 4.x systems.
                      * Fixed a subtle rendering bug in `atlantis' (the fish
                        were inside out!)
                      * Made `atlantis' have a texture simulating light
                        reflections from the surface of the ocean.
                      * Fixed up label placement in `molecule'.
                      * Better color bars in `xteevee'.
                      * Made `install-strip' not try to strip scripts.
Changes since 3.30:   * Put in more sensible defaults for DPMS, and updated
                        the documentation to reflect the fact that all your
                        DPMS settings are now belong to xscreensaver.
                      * Fixed the `xscreensaver.spec' file so that `--force'
                        is no longer needed.
                      * New versions of `rotzoomer' and `nerverot'.
                      * Fixed an OSF/1 compilation problem in `molecule'.
Changes since 3.29:   * New hacks, `molecule', `dangerball', and `rotzoomer'.
                      * New version of `gflux'.
                      * Made `gltext' able to display the current time.
                      * Fixed a floating-point-precision problem in `gltext'
                        that sometimes caused horizontal lines to vanish.
                      * Removed the `-window-id' option from the hacks:
                        it never worked right, and was unnecessary.
                      * Made the `starwars' hack use thicker lines, antialias
                        the text, and fade out at the far edge instead of just
                        dropping off.
                      * Fixed an SHM segment leak in `moire'.
Changes since 3.28:   * Better rendering of the new logo.
                      * New hack, `gltext'.
                      * Added `-planetary' option to `gears', to draw a
                        different kind of gear system.
                      * Made motion and rotation be smoother in `gears',
                        `glplanet', `moebius', `rubik', and `sierpinski3d'.
                      * Improved coloration in `sierpinski3d'.
                      * Made the GL hacks react to window size changes.
                      * Made most of the GL hacks take a -fps option (like
                        `pulsar' did), so you can use them to benchmark your
                        3D hardware.
                      * Fixed the previous fix to `sonar'.
                      * Minor fix to `nerverot'.
                        Made sonar able to ping hosts on DEC OSF1.
                      * Eliminated a bogus "didn't get enough colors" warning
                        in some of the hacks.
Changes since 3.27:   * New logo for xscreensaver!
                      * New hacks, `starwars' and `stonerview'.
                      * Made the motion of the bouncing ball in `stairs' be a
                        little less jerky.
                      * Made newly-added screenhacks be added to .xscreensaver
                        automatically: if there are hacks in the app-defaults
                        file that are not also in ~/.xscreensaver, they will
                        be added to the end of the list.
                      * Redid the `Screensaver Options' part of the control
                        panel; xscreensaver now lets you configure your DPMS
                      * Fixed some Makefile problems with non-GL builds.
                      * Fixed detection of MesaGL for version 3.3.
                      * Better workaround to Red Hat 7.0's broken gcc.
                      * Added Sparc Solaris kernel panic to `bsod'.
Changes since 3.26:   * New hacks: `zoom' and `whirlwindwarp'.
                      * Fixed a free-memory-reference bug in `sonar'.
                      * Better error handling when there are no suitable GL
                      * Added diagnostic dialog when xscreensaver-demo is
                        unable to launch xscreensaver (e.g., when running as
                      * Fixed a bug that caused screenhack argument changes
                        to be ignored when xscreensaver-demo was running as
                        root (if "root" and "nobody" have different home
                      * Made the programs default to ":0" if $DISPLAY is unset.
                      * Made the `-verbose' output include information about
                        which server extensions were supported at compile time.
                      * Worked around Red Hat 7.0's broken gcc 2.96.
                      * Updated default delays on the GL hacks to look better
                        on machines with super-fast 3D hardware.
                      * Install `screensaver-properties-capplet' to work around
                        the usual egregious GNOME lossage.
Changes since 3.25:   * Added "enabled" checkboxes in the list of hacks in
                        xscreensaver-demo (Gtk version only.)
                      * New hacks `hyperball', `xrayswarm', and `gflux'.
                      * New versions of `nerverot', `galaxy', and `hypercube'.
                      * Small fixes to `phosphor', `shadebobs', `xflame',
                        and `sonar'.
                      * Added external helper program `xscreensaver-gl-helper'
                        to figure out which X visual to use for OpenGL
                      * Configure updates for XFree86 4.0, and for BSD.
                      * Made it be more tolerant of bogus /etc/group files.
                      * When installing the PAM config file, first try to just
                        copy an existing "xdm" or "login" config file, so that
                        xscreensaver does authentication in the same way as the
                        rest of the system.
Changes since 3.24:   * New hack, `nerverot'.
                      * Added BSD kernel panic to `bsod'.
                      * New version of `shadebobs'.
                      * New version of `petri'.
                      * Updated `webcollage' to handle recent Altavista URL
                        format changes; made it search the AP photo gallery.
                      * Revamped command-line options of `sonar' and made it
                        properly handle subnets.
                      * The `bubbles' hack can now trickle up or down the
                      * The `xsublim' hack can now read its text from programs.
                      * Support for GLE version 3 in `extrusion'.
                      * Fixed compilation problems in `maze'.
                      * Fixed a rare crash in `flow'.
                      * Fixes for minor installation problems.
Changes since 3.23:   * Added `-ignorant' option to `maze' hack.
                      * Updates to `critical', `bsod', `xflame', and `flow'.
                      * Added support for Kerberos 5 (via its Kerberos 4
                        compatibility layer.)
                      * Fixed a bad leak in `xteevee'.
                      * Updated `webcollage' to handle recent Altavista URL
                        format changes.
                      * Removed xscreensaver-demo's `Ok' and `Cancel' buttons,
                        since they were confusing people: all changes are now
                      * Made xscreensaver-demo install itself into the Gnome
                        Control Center.
Changes since 3.22:   * Fixed some misplaced text fields in the Motif version
                        of xscreensaver-demo; fixed a crash in the Gtk version
                        that would happen if the programs list was empty.
                      * Fixed a recently-introduced bug in `pulsar'.
                      * Made `sierpinski3d' use solid tetrahedrons instead of
		      * Added `-trace' option to `xmatrix'.
                      * Added new hacks `xteevee' and `xspirograph'.
Changes since 3.21:   * Fixed some bugs in xscreensaver-demo.
                      * Rewrote the Motif version of xscreensaver-demo to
                        match the new Gtk version.
                      * The Athena toolkit is no longer supported.
Changes since 3.20:   * Tweaked the xscreensaver-demo UI (Gtk only.)
                      * Fixed a few visual selection bugs.  I think the proper
                        GL visual should be used with nVidia systems now.
                      * Made the Makefiles obey $install_prefix.
                      * Made the `xscreensaver.spec' file able to generate both
                        GL and non-GL packages simultaneously.
Changes since 3.19:   * Added new hacks `ripples' and `sierpinski3d'.
                      * Made `xscreensaver-command -exit' be silent when no
                        screen saver was running (instead of complaining.)
                      * Made `webcollage' and `vidwhacker' use `xloadimage'
                        when available (in addition to `xli' and `xv'.)
                      * Improved memory usage in `petri' and gave it a hard
                        cap on how much memory it can allocate.
                      * Added `-watch' option to `xscreensaver-command'.
                      * Made `xscreensaver-demo' come up with the
                        most-recently-run hack selected by default.
                      * Rewrote the Gtk version of `xscreensaver-demo'.
                        It's a lot easier to use now.
                      * Extended the format of the programs list in the
                        .xscreensaver file, for the benefit of the new
                        capabilities of `xscreensaver-demo'.
                        NOTE: you might want to delete your ~/.xscreensaver
                        file and allow it to be re-created!  The old one
                        should still work, but xscreensaver-demo won't be as
Changes since 3.18:   * Fixed gcc dependencies in `bumps' and `ccurve'.
                      * New hack, `extrusion'.
                      * Some of the web sites that `webcollage' was using as
                        its sources changed formats; tweaked it to understand
                        the current layouts.
                      * Added typeahead in the password dialog: if the screen
                        is locked, and you unlock it by typing a character,
                        that key will be automatically inserted in the
                        password dialog (unless it is Return, Enter, Space,
                        or a non-printing key like Shift.)
                      * Made `xmatrix' take a `-small' option, since some
                        folks with tiny screens prefer a smaller font.
Changes since 3.17:   * New versions of `shadebobs', `lmorph', and `distort'.
                      * Added `ccurve', `blaster', and `bumps' hacks.
                      * Replaced `forest' hack with a rewritten version.
                      * Worked around a Xinerama server bug.
                      * Fixed a bug I introduced in 3.10 that caused some
                        hacks to print out superfluous warnings about not
                        having gotten enough colors.
                      * Made `sproingies' obey the `-delay' option.
                      * Fixed a portability bug in `shadebobs'.
                      * Made `webcollage' and `vidwhacker' use `xli' in
                        preference to `xv', if it is available.
                      * Added a new source of images to `webcollage'.
                      * If running under KDE, xscreensaver will add itself to
                        KDE's list of screensavers (via xscreensaver.kss.)
                      * Improved detection of GL libraries.
                      * Made the password dialog include the date and time.
Changes since 3.16:   * New version of `webcollage' -- deals better with
                        corrupted images, and can use an http proxy.
                      * New hack, `xsublim' (run it in the background,
                        rather than adding it to the programs list.)
                      * The xscreensaver daemon was leaking a file descriptor
                        each time you edited your .xscreensaver file.  Fixed.
Changes since 3.15:   * New version of `shadebobs'.
                      * Improved image selection in `webcollage', and sped it
                        up slightly.
                      * Made configure find the right version of perl.
                      * Rewrote the CGI part of `webcollage'.
                      * `make clean' was deleting some things it shouldn't.
                      * Fixed a typo in the default programs list.
Changes since 3.14:   * Added `webcollage' and `shadebobs' hacks.
                      * Added a `-stdout' arg to `vidwhacker' so that it can
                        be used in a pipeline.
                      * Made `petri' use less memory.
Changes since 3.13:   * Various improvements to the Gtk port.
                      * Turned off PAM by default on Solaris, since PAM seems
                        generally to be misconfigured out-of-the-box.
                      * Made the `--without-gtk' configure option work.
                      * Made configure check the Gtk version number, since it
                        requires 1.2.
                      * Fixed a bug in the code that attempted to prevent
                        changes of screen resolution while the screen is
                      * Fixed a race condition in `xscreensaver-demo' that
                        could cause an X error at startup.
                      * Added `-transparent' option to `deluxe'.
                      * Added `petri' hack.
Changes since 3.12:   * Ported `xscreensaver-demo' to Gtk.
                      * Made it possible to build Motif, Gtk, and Athena
                        versions of `xscreensaver-demo' in the same directory
                        without reconfiguring.
                      * Made `xscreensaver-demo' chase symlinks before writing
                        the .xscreensaver file, so that if .xscreensaver is
                        itself a symlink, the underlying file will be replaced
                      * Some Makefile and configure tweaks for Solaris and
                      * Made it possible to set the fire color in `xflame'.
                      * Made transparency work in TrueColor (for `goop' and
                      * Fixed a multi-head bug introduced by the virtual
                        viewports stuff.
Changes since 3.11:   * Made it so that you can't scroll the screen while the
                        lock dialog is up (with XFree86 virtual viewports.)
                      * Fixed a bug in `flag' that caused bob's chin to get cut
                        off after a few iterations.
Changes since 3.10:   * Made `xjack' be black-on-white-ish, so that it looks
                        less like a computer screen and more like the
                        typewritten paper it's supposed to be.
                      * New version of `pulsar'.
                      * Fixed Solaris compilation problem in `phosphor'.
                      * Made xscreensaver notice XFree86's virtual root window
                        hack, so that if the X server's root window is larger
                        than the monitor's displayable resolution, the screen
                        saver will limit itself to the area that actually
                        appears on the screen.
                      * Made the xscreensaver daemon do a better job of
                        picking the visual class that should be used for GL
                        programs.  Less user intervention should be needed
                        now: you can use the logical visual name `GL' instead
                        of having to figure out by hand which one to use.
                      * Oops, the visual was defaulting to "best" instead of
                        "default", because the .xscreensaver file was not being
                        loaded quite early enough.
                      * Made configure figure out how to build icmp ping
                        support into the `sonar' hack automatically.
                      * Made warnings about not being able to read shadow
                        passwords not be printed if compiled with PAM support.
                      * Improved PAM startup diagnostics.
                      * Worked around the Solaris PAM bug that was causing
                        crashes there, so now PAM is turned on by default.
                      * Made configure detect the number of arguments that
                        pam_strerror() takes, since on Linux, this apparently
                        changed between 2.0 and 2.2, sigh.
                      * Made the /proc/interrupts kludge look for "PS/2 Mouse"
                        as well as "keyboard".
                      * Made xscreensaver notice when there has been a sudden
                        large jump in wall-clock time, and if so, lock right
                        away, instead of waiting for "lockTimeout" to expire
                        first.  (Laptops need this for safer recovery from
                      * Added `-throttle' option to `xscreensaver-command'.
Changes since 3.09:   * Added `phosphor', `xmatrix', and `pulsar' hacks.
                      * Fixed a bug in the color allocator that sometimes
                        caused `starfish' to fall back to monochrome.
                      * Reduced the amount of code that runs before root
                        privileges are disavowed: "normal" and "shadow"
                        passwords now do some initialization as root, but the
                        PAM and Kerberos authorization schemes will be
                        initialized while running as "nobody".  Supposedly 
                        this closes a potential security hole when using
                      * Added some more sanity checking to configure.
Changes since 3.08:   * Added `compass', `squiral', `xflame', `wander',
                        `spotlight', and `critical' hacks.
                      * Added some new modes to `decayscreen'.
                      * Made `deluxe' work in monochrome.
                      * Generalized usage of the Double-Buffer server extension
                        in several hacks (`compass', `deluxe', `interference',
                        `kumppa', and `moire2'.)
                      * Fixed another visual-depth problem in `rd-bomb'.
                      * The screen saver will now defer blanking if neither
                        the keyboard nor the mouse could be grabbed.  Instead,
                        it will just try again in a few minutes.  This fixes
                        a bad interaction between xscreensaver and programs
                        like VMware that hold the mouse and keyboard grabbed
                        for a long time.
                      * Added a new erase mode (expanding spiral.)
Changes since 3.07:   * Fixed some bugs in my port of `t3d'.
                      * Added `penetrate' and `deluxe' hacks.
                      * When linking against Motif 2.x, also link against XPM.
                      * Added support for using /proc/interrupts for idle
                        detection on Linux.  Now xscreensaver shouldn't kick
                        in when the user is active on a non-X virtual console.
                      * Upgraded to autoconf 2.13.
Changes since 3.06:   * Configure tweaks (sometimes -lXmu wasn't getting linked
                        in properly; check for _Xsetlocale in -lXintl.)
                      * Portability fixes for sonar.c.
                      * Fixed a compilation problem when you have GL but don't
                        have XPM.
                      * Made configure notice when MesaGL requires -lpthread.
                      * Made `flame' ignore SIGFPE (not sure if this is the
                        right fix; it seems only to be needed on FreeBSD.)
                      * Kludged `rd-bomb' work on visuals that are of depth 24
                        but that *do not* support pixmaps of depth 32.
                      * Fixed `halo' to work properly in TrueColor.
                      * Changed `xscreensaver.spec' to install the hacks in
                        /usr/X11R6/lib/xscreensaver/ by default, since that's
                        where recent Red Hat distributions put them.
                      * Added `t3d' hack.
                      * Updated versions of `crystal', `hopalong', and `flow'
                        from xlockmore.
                      * Imported `demon' and `loop' modes from xlockmore.
Changes since 3.05:   * Oops, the "default-n" visual descriptor was broken;
                        it was always installing a colormap if the
                        `installColormap' preference was set, meaning that
                        `xearth', `xv' and friends were using the wrong
                        colors on 8-bit systems.
                      * Turned off HAVE_PING in `sonar', since it compiles
                        on some Linux systems, but not others of similar
Changes since 3.04:   * Fixed an off-by-1 in `distort'.
                      * Added `sonar' hack.
                      * New version of `glplanet' (with stars.)
                      * Made all hacks exit when you type `q' or `ESC' at them,
                        and made them obey the WM_DELETE_WINDOW ClientMessage.
                      * Fixed a nonfatal buffer overrun in lament (note:
                        lament still doesn't work with MesaGL 3.0: it dies in
                        lambda_textured_triangle1(), which is Mesa's bug, not
Changes since 3.03:   * Added an `xscreensaver.spec' file, to make it easier
                        for other folks to generate RPMs.
                      * Made the password code work on HPUX in the situation
                        where: ``enhanced security'' is available; but not 
                        used; but the user typed a password more than 8
                        characters long anyway.  FTSOHPUX.
Changes since 3.02:   * Made locking work when passwd aging is enabled.
                      * Added support for PAM (Pluggable Authentication
                        Modules.)  It is still turned off by default, though,
                        since it doesn't seem to work on Solaris 2.6, and has
                        been behaving erratically on Red Hat 5.1.
                      * Made each possible authentication method be tried in
                        turn until one succeeds; this means that Kerberos is
                        being used, we will first check Kerberos, and if that
                        fails, will then consult the local password file.
                        Likewise with PAM.
                      * Save and restore the bits under the passwd dialog,
                        to avoid leaving a black rectangle behind when 
                        unlocking is cancelled.
Changes since 3.01:   * Not everyone has sys/select.h, sigh...
Changes since 3.00:   * Some fixes to `reflect'.
		      * Configure tweaks.
		      * Made it log unsuccessful attempts to unlock the screen
			to syslog.
		      * Fixed a bug where `xscreensaver-demo' could be seeing
			a different programs list than `xscreensaver' did.
Changes since 2.34:   * The xscreensaver daemon no longer links against Motif
			or Athena: demo-mode and the preferences panel are no
			longer built in to the daemon, but are now handled by
			an external program, `xscreensaver-demo'.
			(I decided that this, along with the recent addition
			of the `.xscreensaver' config file, justified bumping
			the version number to 3.00, since this is a fairly
			major architectural change.)
		      * Lines in the `*programs' resource may now begin with
			the character "-", meaning "don't run this hack."
			In this way, it's possible to disable a hack without
			throwing away the information about it (making it 
			easier to change your mind later.)  Eventually the
			preferences/demo mode GUI should represent this as a
			checkbox or something.
		      * Fixed a short race condition where it was possible for
			xscreensaver to die with a BadWindow error if it was
			blanking the screen just as another window was being
		      * Made it possible to disable specific modes in `bsod'.
Changes since 2.33:   * Fixed a bug that was making `pipes' generate way too
			many valves.  Made the viewpoint in `pipes' be selected
			randomly instead of always being -10 degrees.
		      * Fixed a bug in the XSHM code, in the case where the
			server supports the XSHM extension but is not the same
			machine as the client.
		      * Made `rd-bomb' default to taking up the whole screen.
		      * Made it not try to do fading/unfading if no PseudoColor
			visuals exist.
		      * Initial attempt at supporting VT-locking (doesn't work
		      * Eliminated the `captureStdout' resource; now
			`captureStderr' controls both streams.
		      * Added `-capture-stderr' and `-no-capture-stderr'
			command-line arguments.
		      * Added `glplanet' hack.
		      * When a hack is selected with `xscreensaver-command
			-select', that hack will be used until further notice
			(until the saver turns off, or another activation
			command is issued.)
Changes since 2.32:   * Made `xscreensaver-command' print error messages:
			the xscreensaver daemon now responds to ClientMessage
			events by writing a response message on a window
			property, instead of just writing to its stderr.
		      * Made the ~/.xscreensaver file be automatically reloaded
			when the file date changes.
		      * The password dialog and splash screen no longer depend
			on Motif or Athena.  This should clear up a number of
			focus problems, and is the first step on the path
			toward moving all of the Motif/Athena/whatever code
			out of the xscreensaver daemon, and into external
		      * Don't complain about LessTif 0.86 any more, since the
			new password dialog makes that problem go away.
		      * Configure tweaks for Irix 6.5, SunOS 5.something.
		      * New `-reflect' option to `distort'.
Changes since 2.31:   * Added reading and writing of a ~/.xscreensaver file,
			so that the Preferences panel can save its settings.
		      * New version of `rubik'.
		      * Added `-select N' argument to `xscreensaver-command'.
		      * Oops, left out some of the `bubbles3d' files...
Changes since 2.30:   * The cursor was invisible in the password dialog. Fixed.
		      * Made configure warn against MesaGL 2.6.
		      * Fixed X error at startup when using non-default visual.
		      * New version of `crystal', `ant', and `atlantis' from
		      * New hack, `bubble3d'.
		      * Added some new modes to `bsod'.
Changes since 2.29:   * Changed the order in which -lSM and -lICE are linked
			to be after Motif instead of before (Lesstif on Irix
			needs this.)
Changes since 2.28:   * Work around a bash bug in configure.
		      * Tweaked HPUX paths again.  FTSOHPUX.
		      * Made configure recommend against LessTif 0.86, due
			to a bug in that version that causes a security hole
			in the screen locking code.  LessTif 0.87 will fix it.
		      * Made all of the `--with' options to `configure' accept
			a directory option as well (so that --with-motif=/FOO
			will add -I/FOO/include -L/FOO/lib).  I believe this is
			the Configure Party Line of how do to such things.
		      * Fixed a bug where the mouse was left un-grabbed
			after the first time the graphics hack was changed
			(simplified all of the mouse-grabbing logic.)
		      * Maybe possibly perhaps made `vidwhacker' really not
			leave stray xv windows around.  This time for sure.
		      * Added a new erase mode (random dots fizzling out.)
		      * Added `-prefs' argument to `xscreensaver-command',
			that brings up the Preferences dialog directly (it
			seems that nobody ever noticed the `Preferences' button
			on the Demo Mode dialog, maybe this will help.)
		      * Added a splash screen.  Turn it off with *splash:false.
Changes since 2.27:   * Better macsbug text in `bsod'.
		      * New version of `distort' with many new modes.
		      * Plugged a leak in `coral'.
		      * Tweaked configure for HPUX.
		      * Removed some compiler warnings.
		      * More consistent usage of stderr versus stdout.
		      * More diagnostics should an X error occur.
		      * Fixed a possible crash in SGI-specific unfading code.
Changes since 2.26:   * Improved version of `distort'.
		      * Made `lament' compile against OpenGL 1.0 (though it
			still requires 1.1 to work properly.)
		      * Updated my email address and home page.
Changes since 2.24:   * Improved motion in `rd-bomb'.
		      * Added XSHM (shared memory extension) support to the
			`distort', `interference', `moire', `rd-bomb', and
			`swirl' hacks, which speeds them up a bit.
		      * Added `lament' hack.
Changes since 2.23:   * Tweaked the order of the -L options again.
		      * Cleaned up configure's `--help' message.
		      * Added `kumppa' hack.
		      * Smarter maze-solving algorithm in `maze'.
		      * Took `xlyap' out of the default list of hacks, since
			it's just incredibly buggy (and slow.)  Maybe someday
			someone will fix it...
		      * Added `distort' hack, but didn't add it to the default
			list (yet) because it's still too slow.
		      * Made the Athena demo dialog look more like the Motif
			version; it has a text-entry field now, too.
		      * Made the Athena password dialog echo asterisks, like
			Motif does, instead of using a flyspeck font.
		      * Some random configure tweaks.
		      * Added a `timestamp' resource that makes the `-verbose'
			messages include the time at which they were printed.
Changes since 2.22:   * The fix for SGI's ``scheme'' nonsense broke things, and
			let the user's "*background" resource show through.
			Fixed it in a different way.
Changes since 2.21:   * Added support for the DPMS server extension (Display
			Power Management System.)
		      * Made configure advertize the `--enable-subdir' option a
			little more, since that seemed to cause some people
			stress.  Also, made that directory be built into the
			xscreensaver executable, as a hardcoded prefix to
			$PATH.  (Might help, shouldn't hurt.)
		      * Made configure prefer the two-arg gettimeofday to the
			one-arg version, since AIX doesn't have any prototypes.
		      * Made it work with Xaw3d (the 3D Athena library.)
		      * Made `make install' create directories as necessary.
		      * New version of lmorph from Sverre.
		      * Added `crystal' and `discreet' hacks from xlockmore.
		      * Added a new mode to `bsod'.
Changes since 2.20:   * Made `xscreensaver-command -time' use different words.
			(It now describes the two states as "screen blanked
			since..."  and "screen non-blanked since..." instead of
			"active since..." and "inactive since..." which a lot
			of people interpreted as meaning the opposite of what
			was intended.)
		      * Improved some error messages, in the hopes of making
			the distinction between the xscreensaver and
			xscreensaver-command programs more obvious.
		      * Rewrote (and reorganized) parts of the xscreensaver and
			xscreensaver-command manual pages.
		      * Renamed xscreensaver's `-lock' command-line option to
			be `-lock-mode', to avoid confusion with the `-lock'
			option to xscreensaver-command, which does a totally
			different thing.
		      * Removed xscreensaver's `-demo' command-line option for
			a similar reason; use `xscreensaver-command -demo'
		      * Disabled SGI's ``scheme'' nonsense in a better way than
			fully-qualifying the background colors in every single
		      * Fixed some other minor cosmetic problems when *sgiMode
			is turned on.
		      * Fixed an X error in `bsod -root' (how ironic...)
Changes since 2.19:   * Fixed a bug that caused the mouse to sometimes not be
			grabbed properly (meaning the window manager menu could
			pop up over the demo-mode display.)
		      * Fixed a bug that made the stderr output sometimes get
			printed twice.
		      * Fixed a bug that made the demo-mode scrollbar move too
		      * Protected against a possible buffer overflow.
		      * Made `vidwhacker' not leave stray xv windows around.
		      * New version of `ant' so that Bagley doesn't calve.
		      * Make configure on AIX get XShm from the right library.
Changes since 2.18:   * One file was missing from the tar file.	 Fixed.
Changes since 2.17:   * Oops, atlantis wasn't being built by default.  Fixed.
		      * Added `epicycle' hack.
		      * Added `interference' hack.
		      * Added `truchet' hack.
		      * Added `bsod' hack.
		      * Added some new modes to `vidwhacker'.
Changes since 2.16:   * Added a -window-id argument to most hacks, so that they
			can draw on arbitrary externally-provided windows.
		      * Synched with xlockmore 4.11a01.
		      * Added `flow' hack.
		      * Added `atlantis' GL hack.
		      * Renamed `puzzle' hack to `jigsaw', since xlock already
			had a different mode called `puzzle'.
		      * Made it self-configure properly when Motif 2.1.0 is
			being used (requires -lXp now, sigh...)
Changes since 2.15:   * Made `flag' able to do XPM images.
		      * New look for the xscreensaver logo (`xroger').
		      * Fixed compilation error on Suns with adjunct passwords.
		      * Got multi-architecture builds working again.
		      * Some configure tweaks for building on HPUX and Solaris.
		      * Fixed bug in decayscreen.
		      * Fixed typo in passwd.c.
		      * Made `cynosure' not die when colormap is full.
Changes since 2.14:   * Added `cynosure' hack.
		      * Added `moire2' hack.
		      * Tweaked `erase.c' some more.
		      * Made unfading a bit smoother.
		      * Added `vidwhacker' hack (not installed by default.)
		      * Added `stairs' hack.
		      * Split `escher' into `cage' and `moebius', as per
		      * Changed subprocess handling to use sigaction() instead
			of signal() if it's available (this is necessary for
			SCO but should work fine on other systems too.)
		      * Various other tweaks.
Changes since 2.13:   * Better fix for the Motif drag-and-die lossage.
		      * Put in some kludges to work around a LessTif bug.
		      * XScreenSaver is known to work with LessTif 0.82 now.
		      * Made fading work on high-end SGI video hardware.
		      * Fixed another SGI-specific bug in screen grabbing;
			will the madness never cease?
		      * Fixed another crash in `xlyap'.
Changes since 2.12:   * Made `decayscreen' do directions other than down.
		      * Improved `puzzle'.
		      * Fixed a crash in `xlyap'.
		      * Added CDE info to the man page, removed `cde.txt'.
		      * Configure tweaks for Zippy.
		      * Turned off the signal handling in `bubbles' because
			it was sometimes failing to die.
		      * Added `hacks/xscreensaver-sgigl.c' to make it possible
			to run SGI's ElectroPaint hack (/usr/demos/bin/ep)
			with xscreensaver.  Finally!
		      * Fixed a buffer overrun in the locking code that some
			wily, malicious cracker must have slipped in.
		      * Disabled Motif drag-and-drool in the dialog box
			buttons, since it's broken in some old versions of
Changes since 2.11:   * Added `README.debugging'.
		      * Added `puzzle' hack.
		      * Added `xlyap' hack.
		      * Added `default-n' as a visual name, so that one can
			have -install on by default, but turn it off for
			certain poorly-behaved hacks (like xv.)
		      * Added support for grabbing frames of external video
			(on SGI) to the screen-grabbing hacks (decayscreen,
			slidescreen, slip, blitspin, and puzzle.)
		      * Improved look of tiles in `slidescreen'; fixed its
			color allocation problem.
Changes since 2.10:   * Tweaked `blitspin', added it to the default list.
		      * Added `lissie', `mountain', `triangle', `worm',
			`rotor', and `ant' from xlockmore.
		      * Updated `sierpinski', `galaxy', and `lisa'.
		      * Thickened the lines in `braid' and `lmorph'.
		      * Updated VMS makefiles.
		      * Renamed `fract' to `vines'.
		      * Added `xjack' hack.
		      * Made a few more hacks use erase.c, and added a few
			more wipe styles.
		      * Fixed compilation problem with Sun's version of OpenGL.
		      * Added ability to use sigaction() instead of signal()
			to work around a SCO kernel bug.
Changes since 2.09:   * Fixed colormap bugs in `rd-bomb'; sped up `coral'.
		      * Configure tweaks for *BSD.
Changes since 2.07:   * New hacks `rd-bomb' and `coral'.
		      * New version of `maze' with some new algorithms.
		      * New colorized version of `rocks'.
		      * Fixed a bug in qix on 64-bit machines.
		      * Fixed a bug in the -time option.
		      * Fixed a bug in configure related to LessTif.
Changes since 2.06:   * Minor header tweaks in windows.c and flag.c.
		      * Made multi-architecture ($VPATH) builds work properly.
		      * Merged new GL stuff from xlockmore (rubik, morph3d.)
		      * Fixed intermittent crashes in `imsmap' and `munch'.
		      * Added `fadeplot' hack from xlockmore.
Changes since 2.05:   * Merged in VMS support from Patrick Moreau.
Changes since 2.04:   * Fixed a MIT-SCREEN-SAVER-related crash, and tweaked
			configure to detect the extra-random -Xss library.
Changes since 2.03:   * HP configure tweaks.  Detect and warn about LessTif.
		      * Fixed low-color behavior of `goop', `pyro', `starfish',
			`greynetic', `flame', `halo', and `moire'.
Changes since 2.02:   * Fixed flicker in `pipes'.  Fixed 3d in `bouboule'.
		      * Added `munch' hack.
		      * Added basic dependencies to the files.
Changes since 2.01:   * Fixes for compiling with the MIT saver extension.
		      * Made the yow/fortune program be a configure option.
		      * Various configure tweaks.
Changes since 2.00:   * Added `goop' and `starfish' hacks.
		      * Added colomap cycling to `halo'.
		      * Made `attraction' use the new colormap allocator.
		      * Added better $PATH diagnostics.
		      * There was a bug in frand!  Color selection should be
			much improved now.
Changes since 1.34:   * Converted to use `configure' instead of `imake'.
		      * ANSI C is now required.
		      * Added Kerberos locking support, from Nat Lanza.
		      * Made the stderr text use overlay planes, if possible.
		      * Reworked the xlockmore compatibility stuff again.
		      * Added `gears', `superquadrics', `escher', `pipes',
			and `sproingies' hacks (depend on OpenGL.)
Changes since 1.33:   * Fixed some bugs, made fading be a little smoother.
Changes since 1.32:   * Made it work with multi-headed displays.
		      * Generalized sub-process management (Unix sucks!)
		      * Added interactive mouse frobbing to Julia.
		      * Added (untested) support for HPUX shadow passwords.
		      * Made normal non-shadow passwords be checked if the
			shadow passwords aren't accessible for some reason.
Changes since 1.31:   * Removed *colorPrograms and *monoPrograms resources:
			made it possible to specify the desired visual on a
			per-hack basis.
		      * Cleaned up / restructured the driver: no more globals.
		      * Made the Motif and Athena dialogs share more code.
		      * Probably fixed some Athena colormap-installation bugs.
		      * Fixed screen grabbing (cmap) on SGI 12-bit PseudoColor.
		      * Fixed divide-by-zero in bright random colormaps.
		      * Added an improved version of xlock's `flag' hack.
		      * Made unfading work better, and not flicker on SGIs.
		      * Added `sphere', `forest', `lisa' hacks from xlockmore.
		      * Added (untested) support for SunOS Adjunct passwords.
Changes since 1.30:   * Improved colors and colormap cycling of many hacks.
		      * Cleaned up xlockmore compatibility layer.
		      * Made `blitspin' able to grab an image off the screen.
		      * Ported `swirl' and `bouboule' hacks from xlockmore.
		      * Made the driver more careful about not leaving bits on
			the screen, or allowing other windows to raise
			themselves: it now re-blanks the screen every so often.
		      * Added `-time' option to `xscreensaver-command'.
		      * Improved SGI screen-grabbing some more: now it can grab
			TrueColor screens into PseudoColor windows and have the
			colors still come out semi-reasonably.
Changes since 1.29:   * Made `slidescreen' and `decayscreen' work better on
			SGIs when windows of different visuals are present, by
			using the XReadDisplay() extension to get a true 24-bit
			image out of the frame buffer.
		      * Made `noseguy' be in color, if compiled with XPM.
		      * Ported `braid', `drift', `fract', `galaxy', `grav',
			`ifs', `julia', `laser', `lightning', `penrose',
			`sierpinski', `slip', `spiral', and `strange' hacks
			from xlockmore.
		      * Merged `hopalong' hack with a more recent version.
		      * Added `cde.txt'.
Changes since 1.27:   * Added `deco', `moire', and `kaleidescope' hacks.
		      * Merged in support for non-Motif locking and demo mode.
		      * Made `blitspin' and `bubbles' work in TrueColor.
		      * Fixed a stupid bug I introduced in `imsmap'.
		      * Added `poly' and `gravity' options to `qix'.
Changes since 1.26:   * Added support for SGI SCREEN_SAVER extension.
		      * Made `fade' and `unfade' work on 8-bit SGIs.
		      * Made the dialog boxes more Motify.
		      * Added `bubbles' hack.
Changes since 1.25:   * Added `lmorph' hack.
		      * Added viscosity and mouse-control to attraction.
		      * Fixed possible bad color choices in qix and attraction.
		      * Added ramp-mode to halo.
		      * Added a new RNG, which is faster and more portable
			than using the RNG in libc.
		      * Made locking work on SCO.
		      * Various other minor tweaks that I don't remember.
Changes since 1.24:   * Made it capture the stdout/stderr of its subprocesses
			and present them on the screensaver window itself.
		      * Made demo mode work correctly with non-default visuals
			and color maps, instead of always using the defaults.
		      * Added -visual argument to all included screenhacks.
		      * Support for the R6 MIT-SCREEN-SAVER server extension.
		      * Made the demo mode list scroll properly.
		      * Added `pedal' hack.
Changes since 1.23:   * Fixed some private-colormap oddities in slidescreen,
			decayscreen, and xroger.  Fixed apparent conservation-
			of-mass problem in pyro; made the shrapnel round.
Changes since 1.22:   * Minor tweaks for IRIX5; fixed locking race condition.
Changes since 1.21:   * Minor tweaks for X11R6.
		      * Fixes for non-default visuals.
Changes since 1.20:   * Fixed bug in color blitspin; added default image.
		      * Added diagnostics to noseguy.  Fixed off-by-one
			error in flame.	 Added some missing casts.
Changes since 1.18:   * Added `flame' hack.
		      * Fixed a minor Motif dialog text field bug.
		      * Fixed yet another XPointer-not-defined-in-R4 bug.
Changes since 1.17:   * Added support for shadow password files.
		      * Fixed some Motif-related locking bugs.
		      * Added diagnostics when locking is disabled.
		      * Made blitspin able to use the XPM library.
		      * Added `decayscreen' hack.
Changes since 1.16:   * Added `halo' hack.
Changes since 1.15:   * Portability fixes.
Changes since 1.14:   * Broke the driver up into more source files.
		      * Moved the hacks into their own directory.
		      * Made all `time' parameters accept the 00:00:00 syntax,
			so that even the parameters which are normally read as
			minutes can be specified in seconds.
		      * Added colormap cycling to `imsmap'.
		      * Made hyper work with K&R compilers.
Changes since 1.13:   * Added `orbit' option to `attraction' hack.
		      * Added `lock-timeout' option.
		      * Cleaned up options of `maze' hack.
Changes since 1.8:    * Added demo mode, and locking.
		      * Added `maze' hack.
		      * Added `norotate' option to `rocks' hack.
Changes since 1.4:    * Works when run from XDM before anyone logs in.
                      * Sped up `imsmap'.
                      * Can use `xv' as a slideshow without using up colormap
                        entries while the screen is not blanked.
                      * Fixed a BadDrawable error in non-XIdle mode.
                      * Added `blitspin' and `imsmap'.
Changes since 1.0:    * Current list of included hacks is now: qix, helix,
                        rorschach, attraction, greynetic, rocks, pyro,
                        hopalong, and noseguy.


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