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Big Bang for Space Settler, developed in Rust
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Big Bang for Space Settler

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This is the Rust implementation for generating a new galaxy in Space Settler. It will generate a random galaxy taking into account real proportions of stars, planets and satellites to the best of our knowledge. It will try to do as far as possible a true habitability check in rocky bodies, but the main objective is to create as much habitable bodies as possible so that a future game could use this database.


This software is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license. You may copy, modify and redistribute it provided that the conditions shown in the LICENSE file are met.


The documentation of this project is available in GitHub pages. There you can find module by module documentation with some big explanations of how does the big bang work.


Stellar classification:

Chandrasekhar limit:

White Dwarf mass - radius relation:

O type star:

Roche limit calculation:

Water/land/snow statistics in earth:

Water phase diagram:

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